Which is better: slings or kangaroos

[ad_1] Updated: 08.11.2022 16:03:07 Many parents use slings and baby carriers to carry their babies. Thanks to these devices, the mother can safely do household chores or take a walk while the baby snores at

What kind of mattress to choose for a newborn baby

[ad_1] Updated: 08.11.2022 16:03:34 The mattress for the baby should be moderately rigid, flexible and have the most even surface. This is necessary not so much for a comfortable sleep, but for the natural formation

Which mattress is best for a newborn baby

[ad_1] Updated: 08.11.2022 16:03:36 Babies immediately after birth take up a lot of time from their parents. Mom and dad surround the child with care and love, carefully follow the instructions from pediatricians. In the

How to choose an ergo backpack

[ad_1] Updated: 08.11.2022 16:03:06 Ergo backpack or carrier backpack is a real godsend for parents, thanks to which a walk on a bad road, a trip on public transport or outdoor activities with a child

How to choose a school uniform

[ad_1] Updated: 08.11.2022 16:03:06 When buying a school uniform, remember that your child will wear it 5-6 days a week. Therefore, choose products in which he will feel comfortable and confident all this time. content

How to choose a school backpack

[ad_1] Updated: 25.01.2021 17:01:26 A school backpack for a girl or boy must be durable and roomy, properly distribute the load and not contain hazardous toxic substances. How to choose such a product, and what

How to choose a high chair — expert opinion

[ad_1] Updated: 25.01.2021 17:01:27 High chairs make life much easier for moms. They not only simplify the process of feeding, but also allow you to keep the baby safe (play or flip through books) and