LEGO Star Wars Justifier Coming June

[ad_1] In the summer wave of line sets «Star Wars» construction fans will get brand new buildable toys. Of particular interest is the constructor 75323 LEGO Star Wars Justifierwhich will feature a model of Cad

40th Anniversary Pack for the First INDIANA JONES Movie

[ad_1] There have been many different predictions on the Internet about how the Danish company will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the cult film about the adventurer Indiana Jones. There have been suggestions that this

New stunt bikes in the LEGO City series

[ad_1] This summer, the Lego Stuntmen collection will be replenished with amazing new items. The Danish manufacturer has been releasing “extreme” sets as part of the popular “urban” line since 2021, and this time as

LEGO sets for development and learning of toddlers

[ad_1] June sets for the little ones in the «Duplo» series will be an excellent option for productive activities. They will allow children to create prefabricated toys with their own hands and at the same

LEGO expands stunt theme with new sets

[ad_1] 60338 LEGO City Stunt Chimps From the details of the set 60338 LEGO City Stunt Chimps you can build a stunt area for stunt bikers. The game location, which is called the «monkey», is