Buyers of the new “Encyclopedia” will receive an exclusive figurine


The British publishing house DC releases every few years The original LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia. It contains background information on the heroes of the thematic sets of the Danish company. Since the last release of the Visual Dictionary, many new Lego sets have appeared. For this reason, the edition will be updated soon.

Design fans were very pleased with this news. Because every encyclopedia comes with a nice app that allows you to become the owner of an exclusive miniature figure of a DC superhero for free. This time, judging by the image on the cover of the encyclopedia, buyers will receive a rather rare minifigure of the superhero Val-Zod. Thus, the miniature figurine promises to be truly unique.

Many first met this character in the Earth-2 comic book series. He then appeared in the revamped DC franchise in 2011. According to the plot of the story, Val-Zod belongs to another surviving Kryptonian, that is, belongs to the family of classic Superman enemies. The minifigure reflects the iconic image of Val-Zod from the era when he became the bearer of the Superman title in Earth-2.

“LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia” will be released in May 2022, but you can already pre-order on Amazon for $ 21.99 (1614 rubles).


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