brief instructions for installation and use

PDFCreator is a free application for Windows operating systems that allows you to create PDF documents from any other files. Let’s see how to install and use this program.


PDFCreator – an application that allows you to convert any files, including graphics, to the format PDFdeveloped by the company Adobe Systemsor other popular formats. PDF format allows you to keep the formatting of the original file, convenient for demonstrating its content using a free application Acrobat Reader the same company, sending it by e-mail, etc. The official website of the program is

Application versions

At the time of writing, the following versions are available:

PDF Creator 2.1.1 – the latest stable, in English (no Russification yet);
PDFCreator 1.7.3 – the latest stable version fully translated into Russian;
PDF Creator Plus – Paid version, no ads.

You can always download the latest stable version (both free and paid) here. All previous versions, including night versions, can be viewed and downloaded here. It is not recommended to use night versions, because. they may contain errors or they may not work at all.


To take advantage of the application, you need to install and run it.

Unfortunately, new versions of the program have not yet been translated into Russian, so for example, we will install a free stable version PDFCreator 1.7.3translated into Russian by 100%, which you can find on the Internet (file name “PDF Creator – 1_7_3_setup.exe“, size – 26.5 Mb). By the way, anyone can help with the translation. To do this, you need to register on the website, send a letter of desire to be a translator into Russian, and after registration is completed, you will be able to start translating.

So, downloading the file to your computer, run it.

After launch, the language selection window opens:

Language selection when installing PDFCreator

Select the required interface language and press the button “OK“.

We pass the welcome window of the installer with the button “Further»:

Welcome to the PDFCreator Setup Wizard

License agreement for the right to use the application – without selecting “I accept the terms of the agreement» installation will be terminated.

PDF Creator License Agreement

We agree and press the button “Further“.

It is proposed to choose the installation configuration:

      1. Compact installation – install only the necessary components. Requires about 30 MB of disk space.
      2. Custom installation – you can select the components required for installation. The amount of disk space depends on the choice.
      3. Full installation – all components are installed. Requires about 100 MB of disk space.

Recommended option – Selectivedefault.

Choosing a PDFCreator Installation Option

Press the button “Further“.

The window displays options for subsequent installation.

      • If you agree, click “Install“.
      • If not, press “Back» to change the selection.

PDFCreator Installation Confirmation

Installation progress display:

Install PDFCreator

Completing the installation process:

Completing the installation of PDFCreator

If everything went well, then in the menu “Start“A link to the application should appear:

PDFCreator menu by button

Application launch

To launch, select the shortcut “PDFCreator“. In the window that opens, a row of menus allows you to perform actions on the source file loaded into the workspace.

Print Monitor PDFCreator

Important point! PDFCreator must be installed on the computer as “default printer“. Otherwise, the files loaded into the workspace will be printed on the physical printer. The application informs about this when loading a file into the workspace:

Setting the default printer in PDFCreator

Application menu

Menu «Printer» contains a submenu:

PDFCreator submenu

      1. Printers – Selecting a printer, as well as adding a new one.
      2. Stop – pause file printing.
      3. Settings – loading the application settings window.
      4. Reports – permission to create reports.
      5. Report file – viewing the report file.
      6. Close – exit from the program.

If the button is pressed Settingsa window opens where you can set the print mode, default settings, and select an output file format other than pdf. That is, the application allows you to create, for example, from a file docgraphic file with extension jpgetc.

PDFCreator Settings

Important point! When creating graphic files from multi-page text or other formats, it must be remembered that it is possible to create a multi-page graphic file if the following format is selected as the output format. tiff. All other graphic formats provided in the application do not support multi-page mode. As a result, only the first page will be displayed in the created file.

Menu «Document» contains a submenu:


      1. Seal – print the selected file.
      2. Add and Add from clipboard – adding a file from a folder or from the clipboard.
      3. Delete – deleting the selected file.
      4. Up, To the very top, Way down, To the very bottom – move through the list of files.
      5. Merge and Unite All – combining selected (or all) files into one output file.

Menu «View» contains a submenu:


      1. Panels – adding quick access icons above the application workspace.
      2. Status bar – displaying information at the bottom of the workspace.

Working with files

To work with files, you can use the function “drag and drop (drag and drop)“. To do this, you need to find the desired file in the folder and drag it to the workspace.

Drag and drop files in PDFCreator

For an alternative download, you can use the menu Document -> Add -> search for a file in a folder -> select a file and press the buttonsOpen“.

After uploading a file to the workspace, a window opens with information about the file, which can be changed:

File Information Correction Window in PDFCreator

Selecting the option “After saving, open the saved file” will open the created file in the application that is the “default application” for the given file extension.

Control buttons:

      1. Cancel – Cancel further file processing.
      2. Wait – Collect – put the print file in standby mode with the ability to add new ones.
      3. Settings – loading the application settings window.
      4. e-mail – sending pdf – file by e-mail.
      5. Save – preservation pdf – file on disk.

By pressing the button “e-mail” or “Save» a window will open for saving the file on a disk with the extension set by default in the menu «Settings“.

A window asking where to save the file in PDFCreator

If you select the button “e-mail”, after saving the file, the mail program will additionally start to send the file to the addressee.

At this stage, the file conversion is considered completed. To process another file, you must go through all the steps again.

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