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In the September review of copyright projects Lego 2022, the examination committee in Billund will have to consider the original model of the Spaniard Marcos Garavelli called “Brickester University”.

By the way, this is already his seventh project, for which 10 thousand website visitors voted. LEGO Ideas. Of the early works, two of the competent jury were rejected, and for the remaining four of his ideas, the question remains open.

Nevertheless, as we can see, Marcos continues to storm the Legov Olympus with new ideas. He presented his model with the university to the court of design fans on March 24, and after 76 days the project scored the coveted 10k.

10,000 construction fans voted to open

The university building visually consists of two parts:

  • On the lower level of the first classical building, which, according to the plot, was built in the past centuries, there is a somewhat narrowed lecture hall.
  • On the second floor of the educational institution there are classrooms where students undergo theory and conduct practical classes. It is clear from the pictures that one auditorium is intended for the study of chemistry.

The prefabricated model is made with an open structure on the inside of the building. Therefore, you can easily get acquainted with the interior of each room.

10,000 construction fans voted to open

A modern wing has been added to the historical building of the university. The extension clearly stands out against the background of the old building with its “open” design, glass walls, large offices and a dining room. In this area, students can focus on their own projects, conduct research, and expand their knowledge. There is everything for in-depth study, practice and the exchange of professional ideas. Here you can also relax with fellow students after class with a cup of aromatic coffee.

According to the author of the project, Marcos Garavelli, this “brick” building is based on the architecture of British universities, but it does not have a specific prototype. In his own creation, the author managed to demonstrate a harmonious combination of historical and modern types of buildings of the educational institution.

The Spanish fan spent only 2920 parts on this project. According to his idea, at least eight miniature figures should be included in the package of the educational institution.

10,000 construction fans voted to open

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