Best Selling Lego Sets of 2021


The Danish manufacturer of designers let down results of work for 2021. A summary of the financial results of the LEGO Group will be released in the next news release. Now we want to share information about which topics turned out to be the most popular among fans of the “world of cubes”.

So, according to the conclusions of the company’s specialists, last year, if we compare the results with 2020, there were significant changes in sales of designers of most thematic areas from the diverse portfolio of Lego offers.

The sets of five themes made the greatest contribution to the overall success:

  • CITY (“City”),
  • Technic (“Technician”),
  • Creator Expert (“Creator Expert”),
  • Harry Potter (“Harry Potter”),
  • Star Wars (“Star Wars”).

The order of listing the thematic areas is given according to the statement of financial results of the Danish company. It is possible that it is compiled in accordance with the income received from the sale of products of a particular series.

As can be seen from the above list, the designers of the three lines – “City”, “Star Wars” and “Technician” are still among the bestsellers. But the prefabricated toys of the series “Harry Potter” and “Creator Expert” are newcomers to the top five. They managed to push down the “Classic” and “Girlfriends” sets that were popular in the past. At the same time, for the last theme, this happens for the first time since the debut of 2012.

LEGO named the series of sets that became the best-selling in 2021

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