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Any children’s transport contributes to the development of the child. There is an improvement in muscle tone, increased coordination, a sense of balance. Before choosing a balance bike or a bike, it is worth considering all the nuances of these vehicles.

What is the difference between a balance bike and a bicycle

Visually, the balance bike looks like a two-wheeled bicycle that does not have pedals. But that’s not the only thing that makes them different. The main difference between these modes of transport is that the saddle is at different heights.

the benefits of a children's bike

When riding a balance bike, the child pushes off the ground with his feet; on a bicycle, he only reaches the pedals. Therefore, it is impossible to make a balance bike on your own by removing the wheels from any children’s transport. Some balance bikes have a footrest. Having accelerated to the required speed, children can safely ride by inertia.

Bicycles differ from balance bikes in the greatest weight. A vehicle without pedals is designed for children from a very early age: as soon as a child has learned to walk, you can immediately buy his first balance bike.

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It can be difficult for kids under four years old to turn the wheels and keep control, it is better to start with a more practical and easy vehicle.

A balance bike will help you bypass uncomfortable tricycles. By training coordination on a balance bike, the child will easily transfer to a two-wheeled transport in the future.

So in the question «which is better — a balance bike or a bicycle» it is important to take into account the skills and age of the child.

Bicycle Benefits: 4 Undeniable Facts

1. Active physical development
This is the main plus of the bike, because regular pedaling helps to strengthen the muscles of the legs, improves coordination, and increases endurance.

2. A charge of good mood
Children like this means of transportation because of the ability to move at high speed. A half-hour of physical activity in a safe place to drive will help you get a dose of endorphins for the whole day.

3. Development of responsibility
Sitting behind the wheel of his first bicycle, a small child begins to realize for the first time what responsibility is. The possibility of independent skiing with constant consideration of the surrounding environment will give an unforgettable experience.

4. Efficiency of movement
Having mastered the bicycle at the proper level, the child will be able to ride on his own, even if there is a long trip with his parents. Adults do not have to roll strollers, carry children in their arms or come up with other methods of comfortable movement.

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Disadvantages of Bicycles

  • In children’s bikes, the pedals are located in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe front wheel. This feature creates an uneven and incorrect load on the spine. In the future, the development of scoliosis and related diseases is possible.
  • On tricycles, the child does not benefit from the trip. He does not have to learn to balance, there is no need for balancing.
  • Two-wheeled bicycles are suitable for a certain age (from 5 years old) due to the difficulty in driving. They have a lot of weight, children have to use all their strength when driving. As a result, they get tired faster, the desire to constantly ride disappears.
  • Attached wheels-stabilizers on two-wheeled bicycles prevent the child from learning to ride. The kid will get used to ride at high altitude and turn the wheels on the machine without any extra effort. Relearning later on is difficult for most children, they begin to resist uncomfortable innovations.

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Benefits of balance bikes

Balance bikes have been in the top of sales for many years in a row. As the first transport for the baby, adults give their preference to the balance bike. There are a number of reasons for this.

So, five strengths because of which a balance bike is useful.

1. Development of coordination of movements
To drive freely on the road, the child is required to choose the trajectory, speed of movement and keep his body on the seat. Even if he doesn’t succeed the first time, regular rides on a balance bike will develop the skill to perfection.

2. Training of the vestibular apparatus
It is easy to control a velokat, it is enough just to alternately push off with your feet from the ground.

3. Travel safety
Balance bikes are comfortable because the movement is completely dependent on the child. To slow down, just put your feet on the ground. It is easy to control the speed and steer in turns.

4. Beneficial effect on the muscles of the musculoskeletal system
Starting to fall, children will immediately be able to coordinate their movements, because the legs always have traction on the ground.

5. Development of the skill of balance
Having skated a couple of seasons on a balance bike, it will be much easier for a child to transfer to a two-wheeled bicycle, bypassing riding a tricycle.

Runbikes have small dimensions. This is especially important for women who find it difficult to carry heavy objects. Such transport is easy to fold, it can be put in a car, brought on a bus and carried to a park or playground.

The above arguments are weighty enough to tip the scales in favor of buying a balance bike. But before you buy it, do not forget about the shortcomings.

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Cons of balance bikes

The human factor works: not all children like this kind of movement. Some refuse to run bikes. This can happen due to a number of factors that indicate how bad a balance bike is.

1. Shoes wear out
Daily running on a balance bike does not have the best effect on the condition of sneakers and sandals. The sole and forefoot are quickly knocked off, torn, covered with cracks.

2. Risk of injury
Negative fall situations can happen on any form of transport, but a balance bike is different in that the balance is entirely up to the child. It does not have pedals that regulate the speed of the trip.

3. Out of budget cost
A good balance bike is expensive, but you can’t skimp on children’s transport. On cheap models, there may be no brakes or even a poor-quality assembly. If there are no quality certificates, it is better to bypass such transport.

Each balance bike wheel must have shock absorption, so you should choose models with tubes and tires. Wheels made of other materials will not smooth out bumps and bumps on the road, wear of parts will occur faster, this will harm the children’s fragile spine.

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When is the best time to buy a balance bike and when to buy a bike?

When choosing a transport, it all depends on the needs of the child, his age and weight. In the table you can clearly see the comparison of the two types. It will help you understand the difference between a balance bike and a bicycle and will give you the opportunity to make a choice:

Summing up, we can say that balance bikes win only in terms of compactness and maneuverability. Otherwise, bikes and balance bikes are equal, but their functions differ. First of all, it is worth considering the desires and needs of the child, each case is individual.

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