Beautiful keychains from “Lego” in the form of bricks


The Danish company delighted its fans new range of shiny key rings. In terms of shape, the main element in them is presented in the form of a standard building “brick” in various colors, which are used in conventional Lego constructors.

Thus, those who are interested in the offer of the Danish manufacturer will be able to choose the most suitable accessory according to the color palette. In all other respects, they are almost identical to each other. Moreover, the key chains are similar to the prototypes not only externally, but also in size, design and compatibility with the usual details of designers. The only difference is that they are attached to the key ring chain with a long screw.

Beautiful key chains from

Buyers of the original accessory can only choose a keychain according to the color of the “bricks” that suits them. In particular, they can purchase an item made in a palette of metallic green, metallic silver, iridescent/pearl white or iridescent/pearl blue.

Beautiful key chains from

Separately, it should be noted the presence in the proposed assortment of a metal keychain. While this isn’t the first time Lego has released a metal keychain, this one still deserves attention. Because it looks brilliant in every sense of the word.

By the way, this novelty has nothing to do with the exclusive keychain, which was previously produced in limited quantities for VIP-point holders as a reward.


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