Author’s model of the spirit of Mata Nui at the LEGO Idea Contest

Designer Fandes “Axelford” with his author’s model invites construction fans to return to the legend of Bionicle. The “Great Spirit Robot” was exhibited by the author of the project for viewing by site visitors LEGO Ideas in January 2021. The fan idea gained the coveted 10 thousand votes by August 10, when the Danish company Lego celebrated its 90th anniversary. Perhaps this is a lucky sign for the forty-second participant in the second 2022 Idea Review, which will take place in the fall.

According to the lucky winner, the Great Spirit robot model was timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Bionicle themed Lego world. The choice of the presented character was influenced by the fact that he was unfairly ignored in the official designers. And this despite the fact that in the plot of the original story, he played far from the last role. The character assembled from cubes mentally transfers to the Bionicle universe, which many have already forgotten about.

There, far from Earth, in the Solis Magna solar system, great beings created a giant mechanoid and gave it a name: “Great Robot Spirit”, or otherwise Mata Nui. In the huge body of the robot lived biomechanical Matoran species, who, through daily work, supported the vital processes of Mata Nui. And its main purpose was to restore the broken planet of the Sphere Magna.

The Great Spirit Robot model, together with the stand, is assembled from 2077 parts. The robot is endowed with 53 movable joints – this allows you to give it almost any pose. To do this, it will be enough to change the position of his hands, feet, neck or fingers.

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