“Attack of the Clones” will celebrate its 20th anniversary

Traditional holiday for fans of the cult film “Star Wars” will take place at the end of May. In recent years, the event has been postponed due to covid restrictions, so preparations for it are now in full swing. Moreover, the upcoming event is of increased interest to the audience.

Perhaps one of the most attractive moments of the celebration will be that the performers of the roles of Star Wars heroes will gather in the city’s convention center. Anthony Daniels, Carl Weathers, Daniel Logan, Ian McDiarmid, Jon Favreau, Katie Sackhoff and many more are expected to attend. So visitors to the event will be able to get their autographs and take memorable selfies with the artists.

Along with this, there will be a variety of themed merchandise and items to purchase, as well as visits to the “star” panels. These include the panel LEGO Star Wars under the name “Assembly track”.

As part of this event, another solemn event will take place, which is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Attack of the Clones series of sets. Visitors will be treated to a 45-minute talk by Holographic Brick Archives founder Jeremy Beckett, Blocks magazine editor Graham Hancock and Jedi News editor James Burns. And, of course, the focus will be on the consideration of collectible LEGO Star Wars sets.

By the way, the question remains open as to how the Danish company will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Attack of the Clones”. Popular Blog Promobricks previously reported that Lego plans to release new versions of the AT-TE walker and the Jedi fighter. However, there is still no official confirmation of this information.

Fans Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Attack of the Clones at Star Wars Movie Celebration

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