As a gift to a student. Overview of the children’s constructor “Combat helicopter”

As a gift to a student. Overview of the children's constructor "Combat helicopter"

If your son loves to collect constructors, and you are looking for a gift for September 1 (or just for no reason), then I suggest you look at a very interesting constructor both in assembly and in the game. The son was pleased with both the first and the second. I was pleased that he was glad, and in general returned to the assembly of designers, from which he was forced to break away for the duration of his summer summer cottage life.

Given the fast delivery by courier and the opportunity to save on the upcoming “Gifting Week” sale (about it at the end of the review), the option turns out to be very interesting in price.

You can buy a designer on Aliexpress


  • Packaging and appearance
  • Assembly
  • General impressions

Packaging and appearance

As is often the case, the packaging is a simple gray cocoon containing tightly duct-taped bags of parts. In terms of gifts, this is a minus, in terms of the price tag – a plus. In my case, my son does not care about the packaging, the main thing is to open the packages as soon as possible and start collecting. Despite the budget, the packages are numbered, which makes assembly easier.

The instruction never pulls on the budget (I came across, I know), everything is well and clearly printed. And it happens that a black detail on a black background forms an indistinct daub and you have to think what to attach where. I was also pleased with the sheet with stickers, where each was numbered relative to the instructions.

Traditionally, the little men gather first. There are 5 of them: 3 soldiers, a pilot and a medic. I was pleased with a bunch of all the accompanying ammunition, which included a battering ram for knocking out doors and a tripod for a machine gun, which can be removed from a helicopter. For the pilot, something like a night vision device clings to the helmet separately. Printing and molding quality is good. Hands are latched moderately hard.

I see no reason to be sprayed, describing the assembly process. See for yourself.


The cockpit remains completely closed, the hood does not rise there (which is a pity), you have to disassemble it in order to seat the pilot. All the more pleasant is such unexpected attention to detail. The dashboard looks complete, not just the right size cubes.

After the top is set, it bursts the bottom and it ceases to be curved.

I can not ignore and 2 minuses:

The biggest one is the doors. They do not close well, the movable fasteners inside lack a few millimeters. As a result, the son simply removed them and simply inserted the doors as they were. And even took it out to give the helicopter the spirit of the Apache war in Vietnam.

The second is not exactly a minus, rather a flaw. We have a mountain of all sorts of Star Wars aircraft, and they all have spring-loaded cannons. This is really handy when you have to play fortification assaults, chasing korzhiha, or just air combat. Here, all weapons are just imitations. In principle, having a stock of such guns, nothing prevents you from installing them yourself. But this is easy to do if they are available. But what about a boy who does not have at home two troughs of parts with a total weight heavier than himself?

Well, from different angles in assembled form, in order to assess the size.

General impressions

For its price, the designer is fire. The son, having learned the price tag, separately emphasized that the designer is worth every ruble and it was very interesting for him to assemble it. The unhurried assembly took place somewhere from 9 am to 12 am. It all depends, of course, on experience. An adult will assemble faster, a child without experience – much longer. It is clear that speed is not an end in itself, the main thing is that the child is satisfied. In this regard, the designer is good with moderate assembly complexity. If you have some experience, you won’t have to contact an adult at all, the instructions here are actually visual. And the absence of any complex mechanical components also simplifies the task.

The result is a fairly sized combat vehicle with a good set of characters. In the evening, my son and I cut into them, arranging an evacuation from a flooded laboratory with a bio-weapon. Here, unlike some designers, the combat helicopter showed itself perfectly as a game model, and not just a beautiful desktop collectible.

There are no complaints about the quality of casting, completeness and compatibility of parts. Everything is great for your money. The helicopter is well detailed, everything is spinning. The set of little men is large and varied, with an excellent set of weapons and all sorts of special stages.

Briefly speaking

– for its price, the designer is suitable in all respects.

My son is happy and so am I. If you were looking for something inexpensive and interesting, I hope that my review of the designer with Aliexpress came in handy.

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