Another LEGO 76231 Marvel Advent Calendar released

We have already covered four Advent calendars for 2022: 75340 LEGO Star Wars Adventure Calendar, 76404 LEGO Harry Potter Adventure Calendar, 60352 LEGO City Adventure Calendar and 41706 LEGO Friends Adventure Calendar. The other day, another set joined this Christmas collection. 76231 LEGO Marvel Adventure Calendar. It is reported to be dedicated to a special holiday for the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The novelty consists of 268 parts and will be sold at a price of 34.99 euros. It includes at least 6 minifigures. Some of them will be familiar to fans of the 76193 LEGO Guardian Ship building set.

The Advent calendar includes:

  • Star-Lord, though with solid red legs,
  • Rocket,
  • Groot,
  • Mantis,
  • Drax with a greenish complexion, in an ugly Christmas sweater with a picture of a dancing baby Groot in a flower pot with a Christmas hat,
  • Nebula is also in a similar sweater with a Thanos mask on his face.

In addition to minifigures, the advent calendar will include several models of various items and accessories.

Among them:

  • cassette recorder,
  • new Year gifts,
  • New Year’s table with cups, a bottle and a cupcake,
  • blue guitar,
  • rocket flamethrower and so on.

We dare to assume that the Danish company will present Advent calendars for Christmas and other popular thematic lines, because there is still half a year ahead.

Minifigures from the 76193 LEGO Guardian Ship set.
from the 76193 LEGO Guardian Ship set.

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