An overview of the application for automatic processing of graphic file formats Photo Converter


Graphic file extensions are not limited to JPEG or PNG. There are specialized formats that are used by engineers, designers in various industries. In addition, there are rare and outdated graphic files. To work comfortably with all these extensions, you will need to have various programs that are quite resource-intensive, and their use requires skill and training. Some programs are no longer supported and installing them is a real headache.

An overview of the application for automatic processing of graphic file formats Photo Converter

Photoconverter is a software package that can bring the work with graphic files to automatism.

Photo Converter Features

Photo Converter is a powerful tool that combines the editing, converting functionality of several separately installed programs. Photographers will appreciate this software for the ability to automatically process a large number of files at the same time.

Despite the wide functionality, the developers have made the Photo Converter interface extremely simple and intuitive. To carry out the usual conversion, it is enough to follow three steps:

  1. Click on the «Select file» button;
  2. Select the format to which the file should be converted;
  3. Click on «Start».

Photo Converter interface is extremely simple and intuitive

To go to the editing settings, just go to the appropriate tab and select the necessary settings.

Photo Converter Settings

It does not matter how many files are selected, the program will process them in accordance with the specified parameters. This feature of the Photo Converter is perfect for photographers who often need to adjust a large number of the same type of photos, for example, add contrast or do color correction.

The Photoconverter is supplied in three versions: Light, Standard and Pro. The first is free, but has limited functionality. The most advanced is Pro, where the user can work with about 600 file formats.

How to install Photo Converter

To install and run the Photo Converter, you do not need to install additional third-party software. Everything works out of the box, it is enough to have Windows on your computer or laptop. However, if your operating system is MacOS or a distribution kit based on the Linux kernel, you can run the program through WINE.

To install the Photo Converter, the program must first be downloaded. You can do this on the official website of the developer company After downloading, run the installation file and click «Next».

Installing Photo Converter

We read the terms of the client agreement, agree and click «Next».

Photo Converter License Agreement

If necessary, you can change the location of the Photo Converter folder on your computer or leave the default setting by simply clicking Next.

Selecting a folder to install Photo Converter

It is worth noting that the program requires less than 40 MB of disk space for itself, which is several times less compared to well-known graphic processors.

The last thing to be done before direct installation is to indicate the need to create a shortcut on the «Desktop».

Creating a shortcut on the

If you have chosen the Light version of Photo Converter, at the end of the installation there will be a message informing you that no more than 5 files can be processed at a time.

Message about the limitation of using the light version of Photo Converter

Functions of Photoconverter

When purchasing the Standard or Pro versions, the user opens all the functions of the Photo Converter. Here are some of the features of this software package.

    • Orientation change. Includes options for cropping the image, editing the extension, rotation, mirroring.
    • Color correction. In addition to editing brightness and contrast, the user can change the white balance, color depth, saturation.
    • Retouch. Includes sharpening, blur, noise, background change, artifact removal.

Particularly noteworthy are the automation settings, more specifically, the Active Folders function. This option allows you to specify a folder, the contents of which the program will monitor and, when copying photos or other graphic files to it, automatically process them in accordance with the specified parameters in the configuration file. As a result, you don’t even have to launch Photo Converter to perform everyday tasks.


The photo converter is a powerful tool with which you can easily work with a large number of graphic formats. The software supports both popular and specialized extensions such as PDF, DWG, EPS. With Photo Converter, you no longer have to spend hours on the Internet looking for the right software to open a particular graphic format.


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