An overview of the 60302 LEGO® City Animal Rescue Operation large set.


The collection of large sets of the urban series in the coming October is replenished with a freshly baked constructor 60302 LEGO® City Animal Rescue Operation. The game kit will delight construction fans with several models at once, which look amazing on the outside and are endowed with excellent functions:

  • a steep rotorcraft with a winch;
  • caterpillar all-terrain vehicle;
  • realistic savanna landscape with landslide function;
  • the building of the veterinary station.

To all this, 4 miniature figures of members of the rescue expedition, as well as wildlife inhabitants, are added to the toy: figures of a large elephant and a small elephant, a crocodile, monkeys and snakes.

60302 LEGO® City Animal Rescue Operation

So, the assembly work is successfully completed and the young owner can immediately send a rescue team on an expedition. He will have at his disposal not only brave characters, but also functional equipment for working in the wild.

The transport helicopter will become the largest model of the game set:

  • the height of the constructed aircraft is more than 12 cm, length – 35 cm, width – 31 cm;
  • the rotorcraft has rotating propellers and a working winch, so that the child can use it to lift a variety of loads, for example, if the expedition needs to quickly relocate;
  • the cargo compartment is equipped with a large folding hatch, which at the same time becomes a convenient ramp for unloading/loading cargo.

60302 LEGO® City Animal Rescue Operation Large Set Overview

A car on a caterpillar platform is also designed to transport goods in a small body. If the need arises, it can turn into a real towing tool thanks to the presence of a removable chain.

The package includes many different accessories in the form of a magnifying glass, bananas, a cup, various laboratory items, crocodile eggs and so on.

And, finally, during the game, the child will be able to arrange small “natural disasters”: as soon as he presses a special lever, a landslide of stones and trees will begin at the site of the rescue operation.

60302 LEGO® City Animal Rescue Operation Large Set Overview

In general, in the constructor 60302 LEGO® City Animal Rescue Operation all detailing and functionality by the authors of the project is designed to make the gameplay the most realistic. With such a set, an exciting pastime for the child is guaranteed! Moreover, it will be both lively and meaningful. Therefore, there is no doubt that this game set will make an unforgettable impression on the owner of the toy.

The considered constructor is interesting not only for its rich content. The developers of the set took into account the fact that modern children better absorb information in a visual form. Along with the standard printed building instructions, young builders have an alternative: they can download the free LEGO Building Instructions app on their smartphone or tablet and follow the interactive instructions. Its advantages include the function of scaling, rotating and previewing the model, which should be the final result.

In conclusion of the review, I would like to remind you that the game sets of the “City” series, including the sub-theme of the line “Wildlife”, make the main characters of the stories played out by the children themselves. They help them develop self-confidence, teach key life skills and principles in a playful way through stories depicting life. That is why parents should pay increased attention to such game designers.


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