An interesting design from a fan of LEGO and the F-Zero game!

A big Lego fan, Jordan Devries is also a gamer. He prefers to play F-Zero. A fan of construction and a car simulator decided to express his two passions in a very original construction project. The end result is a stunning piece of architecture.

Let’s start with the fact that in order to implement his idea, he had, first of all, to go to significant costs. But as you can see, it was worth it. The “brick” builder, in essence, combined the models of three medieval castles together and recreated his own version of the Falcon fortress from the mentioned single-player game.

The main “foundation” for the creation of a grandiose construction was the sensational model of the newly-minted “Castle of the Knights of the Lion”. It attracted the attention of the author with the organic, curved contours of the castle, a well-thought-out curving balcony that divides the building in half by the residence. Jordan is inspired by a more ornate fairy tale style, and this is naturally reflected in the author’s project.

Just connected 3 Lego castles and got F-Zero fortress Falcon!

Incredibly harmoniously, the author chose the color scheme for his building. A special color is given by the abundance of green foliage, which demonstrates the “battle” of the fortress walls with nature.

Created by Giordano author’s model can be stored assembled. And during the game, the castle manages to perfectly open and make the interior space accessible. This allows you to get into many interior spaces, in which the life of the inhabitants of the Falcon fortress is seething.

For example, quite convenient access opens:

  • to the banquet hall
  • kitchen,
  • bedrooms,
  • throne room or library.

There is also the opportunity to visit the forge, armory, stables and even potion rooms, secret hideouts and a dark dungeon. There is also a water mill, the wheel of which is filled with a mysterious source of water inside the fortress. Such filling makes the habitation of the inhabitants of the fortress more complete and comfortable.

In general, the combination of three medieval castles into one Falcon fortress allowed the owner of the prefabricated kit to create a huge location. Such a large area is perfect for playing out interesting episodes from your favorite game F-Zero in the desktop version.

Just connected 3 Lego castles and got F-Zero fortress Falcon!

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