AMEET LEGO Books Come With 3 Minifigures


Late last year, AMEET announced a publishing program for 2022. In it, the main attention was paid to books dedicated to the thematic areas of the Danish manufacturer Ninjago, Harry Potter, Star Wars, City and many others.

However, after the first 3 months, only one of the promised publications saw the light of day: a book based on the Superheroes series was released, called “Gotham City’s New Defender”. Moreover, the previously published online program of the publishing house is regularly updated and it is not clear whether these are additions to the previous list or a replacement for previously announced releases?

Meanwhile, interest in the implementation of the program of the AMEET publishing house is not weakening. First of all, among numerous collectors, because each such book is accompanied by an exclusive miniature figurine. Therefore, fans perceive news about new products as a real sensation.

The Amazon website informed buyers about three summer-autumn books. So, on June 9, the 32-page edition is expected to arrive. “LEGO Jurassic World: Book of Dominion Activities” with a unique Alan Grant minifigure. Next 64-page book coming September 15 “LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Official Annual 2023″ featuring an exclusive Karga Vulture figure with accessory set. And scheduled to arrive on October 13th is the LEGO Jurassic World: Dominion Terrain Practice Gift Set, which includes an activity book, a double-sided 3D scene, and 2 minifigures with accessories. This set can be used with regular Lego building sets.

New AMEET LEGO books coming with 3 minifigures

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