A planetary model entered the new stage of the Lego competition

The idea for this planetary model came from Joshua Whitehouse from South Africa. Many fans of the “world of cubes” liked it. Therefore, I quickly received the necessary 10 thousand votes in support on the open competition website. LEGO Ideas and was included in the list of models that will be considered by the competent Lego jury in the fall of 2022 in the second review of unique author’s projects. It is quite possible that it is she who is destined to transform into the official set of the Danish manufacturer.

The main idea for the author of the project was the development of a model of the Sun, Earth and Moon to demonstrate their relationship. During the implementation, the author did not try to do everything exactly according to scientific samples. For Joshua Whitehouse, it was fundamental to display precisely the existing relationship between the three celestial bodies. The accomplishment of this task eventually led to the creation of a structure with a very attractive design.

Plus, the colorful appearance of the model goes well with technical elements created from standard parts and elements. Lego.

The structure is as follows:

  • in the center is a yellow sun mounted on a decorated pedestal measuring 24×24;
  • The luminary is attached to the model of our planet with the Moon by a long arrow;
  • The earth is fixed on a movable rod, due to which it rotates around itself.

It is noteworthy that all this happens simultaneously with the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Such a global movement of celestial bodies is carried out with the help of an engine, which is hidden inside the box-stand of the prefabricated model.

In general, we get a fairly simple and at the same time very illustrative model, which perfectly demonstrates a somewhat simplified scheme of the motion of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun. The assembled model is about 35 cm long, about 18.5 cm wide, and about 28 cm high.

Planetary model rated by 10,000 building fans in Lego competition

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