A new set “Life on the edge” was noted in the competition of ideas “Lego”


Medieval castles and buildings continue to attract the attention of numerous fans of the “world of cubes”. This was confirmed by the competitive selection by the visitors of the LEGO Ideas website of the original project called “Life on the edge”.

The author of this game set is Ralph Langer from Cologne. He only registered on the idea platform in October 2020. However, he has already managed to distinguish himself in several works. In particular, the qualifying stage of the contest with 10 thousand votes of support managed to pass its sets under the names “Hanging Flowers” and “Land of Ahoy”.

In the competition project, a German fan will present medieval tower modelwithin which the living quarters are located. The interior space of the dwelling is easily visible due to the fact that one of the walls has an open shape and provides a complete overview of the floors of a high-rise building. On the first floor there is a storage room and a hearth, on the second floor there is a bedroom, on the third floor there is a room with a small table. All levels of the building are connected by a wooden staircase.

beautiful design from below it is erected in the form of a stone foundation wall rising to the mezzanine. Then it turns into a frame structure with a high roof overgrown with grass.

Judging by the miniature figurine of an old man resting contentedly on a bench in front of the tower, the life of the inhabitants of this unusual house was a success.

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