A new idea “Castle in Brickwood Forest” reached the final


There were more than enough models of medieval castles built from Lego parts. Therefore, with similar projects in an open competition LEGO Ideas you don’t even have to go out. But successful selection author’s set “Castle in Brickwood Forest” proves that here, too, all ideas have not yet been exhausted. The author under the nickname poVoq perfectly demonstrated this in his work.

At first glance, there is nothing original in his model: you see an ordinary medieval castle with high walls, a drawbridge and towers, many miniature figures representing the inhabitants of the fortress. And yet, the team toy has its own zest. One of them is hidden in the possibility of opening the fortress walls to the sides with the conditional division of the structure into 3 parts and opening access to the interior.

10,000 building fans support the Brickwood Castle project

At the same time, it is still possible to open the roof of a high-rise building and get acquainted with the interior of the premises located under it. In general, the toy castle has a dungeon, a kitchen, a pantry, a throne room, a couple of bedrooms and a tower staircase.

One of the most important features of the construction under consideration is the fact that the owner of the castle has the potential to expand the playing space on the upper floors due to the installation of special retractable elements in the building.

10,000 building fans support the Brickwood Castle project

As conceived by the author of the set project “Castle in Brickwood Forest”, the main plot for the game is the siege of the fortress. For a plausible imitation of such a situation, the miniature figures are divided into black falcons, which surrounded the castle from all sides, and lion knights, protecting the fortress walls from enemy attacks.

The former have at their disposal a military wagon drawn by a horse and a long siege ladder.

Castle in Brickwood Forest


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