76830 Lego Cyclops Chase Set

Constructors Lego often produce amazing metamorphoses in terms of the target audience. One of the prefabricated kits of the summer selection for the smallest construction fans was a confirmation of such a case.

It’s about the constructor. 76830 LEGO Cyclops Chase, which was originally addressed to kids in the age category of 4 years and older. However, the game set is able to attract special attention of adult connoisseurs of “brick” crafts and collectors, first of all, the original figure of the Cyclops.

Typically, models designed for young children are characterized by large “bricks” and a limited method of construction. But when creating Cyclops, the authors of the project seem to have moved away from existing standards. Therefore, amazing details can be found in the figure, for example, curved elements. It is also important that the 11 cm robot looks very good and realistic due to its proportional figure. Perception is enhanced by the exact combination of yellow and dark bluish-gray with red “spots” on the arms and legs of the Cyclops.

Slightly disappointing limited articulation:

  • shoulder movable,
  • waist and hip joints,
  • and at the same time a static head.

But these shortcomings are fully compensated by a fantastic shape and a monocular eye with a print. In the hands of the robot is a disk for teleportation.

The set in question is also interesting due to the updated design of the main characters. Thus, the easily recognizable white, lime green and purple uniforms of Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear have been adjusted to reflect the new look. In its former form, only voluminous chest armor and distinctive colors were preserved in it.

The version of Izzy Hawthorne, also dressed in a space ranger costume, is also exclusive. The designers of the toy achieved a brilliant minifigure effect with a clever combination of dark brown, dark bluish gray and sandy blue with fiery yellowish orange highlights.

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