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While expecting their first child, parents face a lot of pleasant troubles, and buying a stroller is far from the last concern. And here they expect such a variety of offers that it is not at all easy to choose the right option. Moms start reading reviews about models on the Internet, ask the opinions of other parents on the forums, and, nevertheless, the task is not clear.

Practical and versatile 3 in 1 strollers

What is the right way to approach such a problem? It is best to read a review of different types of strollers, one of which occupies a worthy place in the line of universal models – 3 in 1. This type is rightfully considered the most justified purchase. After all, it provides three necessary functions – a place (cradle) for walking with very tiny babies, a seat for older children and a car seat, especially for trips and travels.


Many users liked the walking model Be Cool SLIDE-3 TOP. Why is this 3 in 1 baby stroller ranked? There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, Be Cool SLIDE-3 TOP is comfortable for a small passenger:

  • High rise. In it, the child is provided with an excellent view, which is important during the period of learning about the world around him;
  • Spacious. With a 32-centimeter seat, the little one can fit quite comfortably, even climb onto a chair with legs;
  • Transformable. Mom can carry a newborn facing her, and an older baby – in the direction of travel.
  • Soft. Both the cradle and the chairs are comfortable, with a mattress: the child can sleep peacefully, as in a crib.

Secondly, mom is always calm during a walk due to the excellent functionality of the model:

  • The aluminum frame made this model light – about 9 kg, it is easy to manage, overcome curbs and maneuver when entering the elevator;
  • Different-sized wheels increase cross-country ability – you can carry the stroller along snow-covered paths, areas with poor coverage, ice;
  • Height-adjustable anti-slip handle for effortless turning or climbing;
  • Easily folds into a compact design;
  • The luggage basket is spacious and holds all the purchases, toys and walking accessories;
  • Since the recommended maximum weight is 13 kg, this model will last 3-3.5 years.

Thirdly, the manufacturer has provided excellent design solutions:

  • The car seat is equally securely installed both on the chassis of the stroller and in the car;
  • The safety of children is ensured by a good belt system with soft pads;
  • For forward wheels the rotary mechanism with a possibility of blocking is provided.

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Model Be Cool SLIDE-3 TOP


When developing the DINAMICO UP TOP CAM version, the manufacturer tested it against all adverse situations. The result was a sample with decent parameters for all systems:


  1. Thanks to the suspension, this model has a smooth ride, it does not shake on potholes, the baby sleeps peacefully.
  2. The front wheels have a locking mechanism and a circular rotation. The rear ones are much larger, rubber, guaranteeing maneuverability in difficult areas and snow.
  3. The frame weight is only 7.5 kg, the wheels are located in the same plane.
  4. The handle is height adjustable and ergonomic.


  1. Can be freely placed in the car.
  2. The bottom is equipped with mesh elements that provide ventilation.
  3. Soft headrest with three fixed tilts.
  4. With a large hood, mosquito-proof cape and rain cover to protect the baby from bad weather and insects.
  5. Built-in skids help to rock the child offline.

Armchair for walking.

  1. Orientation – forward to the road or to the parent.
  2. 4 modes of backrest adjustment.
  3. The footrest can be adjusted to the height of the child.
  4. Transparent insert in a wide hood.

Car seat:

  1. The ability to carry a child in it from birth.
  2. Convenient as a bed for sleeping at a party or in nature.
  3. Strong attachment to the chassis with side impact protection.
  4. The hood is fixed at the desired height.

Lightweight, comfortable CAM DINAMICO UP TOP

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In the 3 in 1 stroller rating, the Concord NEO TRAVEL SET version is noted, which won the hearts of many parents with its impressive features. Parents note that it is surprisingly light – the base made of aluminum alloys has a mass of 9 kg. Even with the heaviest of walking devices (cradle) its weight is only 15.3 kg. The other two devices for walking – both the car seat and the seat – weigh about 3 kg.

The course of the walking vehicle is easy to control, this is ensured by the design feature of the front axle (Y-Frame technology), successful wheel shock absorption and large pneumatic wheels. The manufacturer placed an additional brake on the height-adjustable handle.

Small (15.5 cm), the front wheels can perform a circular turn, if necessary, can be fixed for driving over uneven areas. The rear (26 cm) are equipped with ball bearings, which add smoothness and quietness to the stroller. Safety at night is ensured by built-in reflectors.

The cradle is made of hard plastic with a polypropylene layer. It is spacious, with a soft cotton mattress and an adjustable reclining position. It can be placed on the frame and installed in the car with the help of belts. It has an adjustable hood and carrying handle.

The seat for the car was developed according to the results of crash tests and is made of innovative materials with a honeycomb structure. The baby is comfortably located in it from birth until he reaches a weight of 15 kg. For very young children, a special insert is inserted into the chair to support the pelvis.

Recognized Model Concord NEO TRAVEL SET

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Britax B-MOTION 3

“Simply space!” – this is the opinion expressed by many mothers about the Britax B-MOTION 3 model. Everything is wonderful in it – convenient folding technology, excellent cross-country ability, both on urban and unpaved paths, ease of installation of walking blocks. In addition, the small weight and compactness of the model (base width 58 cm!) Do not cause any inconvenience when entering an elevator cabin or a small corridor.

What features make this model one of the best 3 in 1 strollers?

  1. Safety. The stroller has a soft bumper that can be removed if necessary. Child seats are equipped with special safety belts with soft inserts.
  2. Permeability and maneuverability. Almost the same front and rear wheelsets are rubber, pneumatic, with wear-resistant tires. It is they, together with the suspension on the rear wheels, that make the ride smooth, even, without shaking and jerking.
  3. Structural advantages. The three-wheeled model has not only an unusual chassis, but it is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. Therefore, its weight is only 11 kg. The frame itself is strong enough and can withstand a child up to 17 kg. The folding process is greatly facilitated by a special mechanism – the mother can fold the stroller with one hand while holding the baby in the other. The back of the walking chair can be lowered horizontally – even an older child can sleep comfortably, tired on a walk.

All removable walking elements are made of non-toxic materials, with provided ventilation through mesh inserts. A wide hood covers the child from bad weather, and a transparent window is provided in its back to control the behavior of the baby. The handle can be extended up to a height of 110 cm, designed for any height of parents.

Britax B-MOTION 3

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Be Cool SLIDE-3

Thought out to the smallest detail, the Be Cool SLIDE-3 model is perfect for daily walks with your baby in any weather. An interesting decision of the manufacturer was to give all detachable textile elements and the hood a two-sided color. The complete set of the model is standard.

The model is appreciated by users for reliable parameters:

  1. From birth, the baby can sleep on a walk in a cradle or car seat; from six months, a warm wide (35 cm) seat can be installed on the chassis, which can be laid out for sleeping horizontally, like a crib. A warm fleece or fabric mattress is inserted into the seat for this. Mom can carry the baby facing herself, she can turn him to the road.
  2. The interchangeability of the cradle and car seat is convenient – both units are placed effortlessly on the chassis and in the car. Both elements have air inlets mounted on the bottom. In winter or in windy weather, they need to be closed. The manufacturer made the cradle-cradle plastic, strong – in case of an accidental impact, the baby will not suffer. Inside it has a regulator that allows you to raise the baby without disturbing his sleep.
  3. The wheelsets are made of polyurethane, the front ones – with a turning mechanism, ∅19 cm, with the possibility of fixation. Rear pair – 24 cm, with blocking during parking. For transportation and storage in the apartment, the wheels are effortlessly removed, the stroller itself can be folded quite compactly. At the bottom of the frame there is a voluminous trunk for products, children’s accessories and things.

Model Be Cool SLIDE-3


The BRITAX B-AGILE 3 model has taken a worthy position among the most popular 3 in 1 baby strollers. Its main feature is the ability to fully adjust all the elements to the requirements of the mother and the comfort of the baby. This model is considered one of the lightest – with a weight of only 8 kg, besides, it has an uncomplicated brace system – a mother can fold it in a matter of minutes with one hand. Constructive and design solutions have made this model a favorite among many users.
What are its features?

  • The three-wheeled (double front swivel wheel) base makes the model surprisingly large, with a width of only 58 cm, which is very helpful when entering an elevator car or when driving through narrow areas.
  • Easy to assemble + built-in unfolding locking mechanism;
  • Removable wheels with puncture-resistant tires and equipped with high-quality suspension. Rear – with parking brakes – the stroller moves smoothly, bumps on the roads do not disturb the child’s sleep;
  • The handle is non-slip, with the ability to adjust to the height of parents;
  • All walking blocks are ventilated, soft and roomy. Easily fixed on the frame;
  • The hood to protect the baby is spacious, adjustable to the level of lowering, equipped with a large pocket for things;
  • The equipment is standard, on the frame there is a voluminous trunk for children’s accessories and products.

Designed for children up to 15 kg, the BRITAX B-AGILE 3 Steel is a practical option for daily walks from infancy to three years of age.


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Like all products of this line, the Be Cool QUANTUM COCOON ZERO sample received an interesting design innovation – the parent can change the color of the hood and capes, so they are made in two color options. In general, the model impresses with worthy design parameters of the base and walking modules.

  1. Cradle. In it, the baby can ride from birth. For its safety, the case is made of durable, hard plastic. It can be installed both on the chassis and in the car. To ventilate the cradle in hot weather, ventilation valves are built into its bottom. A soft mattress made of hygienic materials is placed on top. The headboard can be raised slightly to make it easier for the baby to reach. All textile elements are removable and washable, and there are inserts on the bottom that protect them from contamination when the cradle is lowered to the floor. Carrying the cradle is easy – there are handles, and you can unfasten it from the frame with a simple push of a button.
  2. The chair for a walk with a two-way orientation (to the mother and on the road) is soft, roomy and comfortable. Can be tilted to sleep or lowered for a relaxed rest. The footboard for sitting adjusts to the comfort of the child. For safety, the baby is fastened with reliable soft belts and fixed with a bumper. The hood (two-color) drops to the desired level, completely protecting the child from rain or sun.
  3. The car seat is multifunctional, it can serve as a carrier for a child – for this it has comfortable handles, and can be installed on the frame of the stroller and in the car. It is as comfortable as a carrycot, soft, safe and upholstered in non-toxic textiles. Has a wide hood, creating a shadow for the baby when driving in the car.
  4. The base of the Be Cool QUANTUM COCOON ZERO Butterfly is solid, aluminum, with a width of 58 cm. The wheelsets are single, large, guaranteeing a smooth ride even on snow or gravel areas. Reliable stopping brakes and steerable front wheels allow moms to easily cross obstacles on the way, such as curbs, and maneuver in tight spaces. The complete set of accessories is standard: a raincoat, a warm cape, a bag for toys.

модель Be Cool QUANTUM COCOON ZERO Butterfly

Difficult choice

As you can see from the review, only at first glance, 3 in 1 strollers are similar to each other. In fact, each of them has individual characteristics, dimensions and number of wheels. Heavy walking devices with large pneumatic wheels are more comfortable when driving off-road, compact ones are nimble, they will roll through tight corridors and squeeze into narrow doors without any problems. When buying a 3 in 1 stroller, you should take into account the capacity of the car, the ease of dismantling the wheels, folding and unfolding the device.

A comparison of some models can be seen in the table:


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