5 princesses with Lego castle

Internet users have already discussed the incomprehensible meaning laid down by the creators in the name of the set 43205 LEGO Disney Ultimate Castle Adventure. But the game location itself is very interesting and attractive.

First of all, it is necessary to note the rather impressive size of the branded box and the model itself. Built from 698 “bricks”, the castle is 53 cm long, 9 cm wide, and 36 cm high. It turns out a large and spacious, beautiful and detailed space for creative play.

The composition of the characters is no less impressive – for the first time in one set, mini-dolls of young princesses from five different cartoons are presented at once. “Disney”. In the original plot of the cartoon masterpieces, they never met each other, but in the “world of cubes” they had such a unique opportunity.

Thanks to this, the child will be able to simultaneously play with:

  • ariel,
  • Wayana,
  • rapunzel,
  • snow white
  • Tiana.

Also in the set are their pets and friends – Marcel, Pascal, Pua, Sebastian and a bird.

The set with a wonderful castle and an incomprehensible name includes 5 princesses minifigures

The castle from the prefabricated set only resembles buildings that are found in cartoons about princesses in some elements. The developers created an original model for this project, as they had to combine the worlds of completely different heroines into a single whole. As a result of this combination, the children became the owners of a residential complex with a very good potential for games with exciting stories.

The four-story building with purple towers can be used assembled or unfolded. In the latter version, full access to the interior of the castle opens up, or rather, to 5 bedrooms of the princesses. The rooms are filled with items and accessories that are specific to the history of a particular inhabitant of the chambers. In them, girls will act out interesting scenes from their favorite Disney cartoons. And of course, you can always come up with an author’s fairy tale story that “unites” all Disney heroines.

The set with a wonderful castle and an incomprehensible name includes 5 princesses minifigures

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