5 of the best X-lander baby strollers


X-LANDER is a fairly popular company that makes great baby strollers. But what is the best option for a child? This article presents 5 top models, their main features are considered, key advantages are highlighted. The disadvantages are also not forgotten. All this will help you choose the right option.

better strollers X-LANDER X


The walking option is suitable for children from the age of six months. The unit is equipped with 5-point straps that are responsible for safety. The bumper provides additional protection.

Note: “Transport” can be folded with a book, so it does not take up much space.

The passenger will not be bored either: the unit deployed in the direction of the road will allow you to observe the outside world. If the baby misses mom, it doesn’t matter: the seat can be turned to face the driver. Of course, these are not all the attractive qualities of the stroller, otherwise it would simply not be included in the rating.


5 best features of the model:

1. X-CITE is incredibly comfortable: the manufacturer has equipped the stroller with a cozy hammock-type seat, as well as a backrest that can be raised / lowered in three positions.
2. For independent passengers, there is a children’s footboard, which is adjustable in height: the baby will be able to climb into the stroller by himself.
3. Wind and bright sunlight do not interfere with walks, but all thanks to the deep hood that can be lowered. If the baby wakes up and wants to look at the road / at the parent, the hood can be raised.
4. This X-LANDER has a decent package. In addition to a fairly roomy basket for shopping and things, there is also a net that will protect against insects, so you can safely take your child with you on a picnic: mosquitoes and midges will not reach him. For cold weather there is a canopy for the legs.
5. For safety at dusk, LED lighting is provided.
Minus – a rain cover was not included in the kit.

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Another “walk-book” in this top, created for six-month-old and older passengers. The model pleases with maneuverability: it is easy to manage, the stroller has excellent cross-country ability, so even a snowy road will not become an obstacle. An adjustable block, natural fabrics and strong safety straps are not all that this model can boast of.

  stroller X-LANDER X-PULSE

What made it popular:

  • Protects as it should: in addition to straps, there is a bumper that will not allow an inquisitive baby to slip out of the stroller.
  • X-LANDER X-PULSE is one of the best models in terms of sun and wind protection. The manufacturer equipped it with a deep bathyscaphe-type hood, which securely covers the little passenger from bright sunlight, wind and light rain.
  • The company did not spare accessories: the stroller comes with a net that will not allow nasty midges and mosquitoes to disturb the child, and for walking in the cold there is a warm cape on the legs. There is also a shopping basket: you can put children’s things, grocery bags there.
  • Convenient not only for the child, but also for the parents. The height of the handle can be changed to put the child down or vice versa, it is not necessary to drag him through the protective rail, because it can be easily removed.

Possible complaints:

  • parent handle is not flip;
  • the back is not adjustable.

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Although the model is called the same as the previous one in the ranking, it differs from it. First of all, this stroller belongs to the universal options. The 2 in 1 model is suitable not only for 6-month-olds and 3-year-olds: it is equipped with a cradle for babies, so it is also suitable for newborns. The growth option is convenient, has excellent cross-country ability and maneuverability, and is equipped with a brake.

Note: the top baby stroller is equipped with reflective inserts, which increases safety at dusk.


Note: This X-PULSE has a removable cover for easy maintenance.

Cons: No rain cover included.

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The maneuverable model is one of the best, and concurrently the most popular options released by the Polish company. For excellent cross-country ability even on narrow paths, it is worth thanking the static rear and swivel front wheels made of polyurethane.

Note: the model belongs to the walking type, and therefore is designed for children not younger than six months. You can ride a child in such a stroller until he is three.


The variant folds compactly in the form of a book, so it is easy to store it even in a small room. The parent handle is ergonomically shaped for added comfort. However, the model got into the rating not only for this.

The best features of X-MOVE:

  • The passenger will be comfortable: the stroller seat of this children’s “transport” is orthopedic, so it perfectly supports the spine. In addition, it unfolds, which adds points to comfort.
  • Security is another strong point of the model. Like other strollers in the top selection, this one is equipped with 5-point straps. They firmly hold the baby, preventing him from falling out of the seat, while not squeezing the skin and do not hinder movement.
  • In hot and warm weather, nasty midges and mosquitoes, wasps and bees will not bother the child: they will be prevented by a mosquito net.
  • Walking is useful even in cold weather, and so that the baby does not freeze, the manufacturer put a warm canopy that can cover the legs.

The downside here is the same as the previous model on the list: there is no rain cover in the kit, so you have to purchase it separately.

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The only option in the ranking of the best models that folds with a cane. In this format, the baby stroller will not take up much space: it can easily fit in the corner of the hallway or loggia.

Note: to make it easier to care for the model, the manufacturer made its upholstery removable, so that it can be easily washed.


The option will delight parents with maneuverability: the front wheels turn 360 degrees, which provides excellent cross-country ability. The brake blocks both the rear and front wheels, giving the stroller stability: it will not roll down the slope.

5 reasons for the popularity of the model:

1. Super secure: A handrail and five straps keep baby securely in place. At the same time, the belts do not press and do not interfere with movement, since they are equipped with soft pads.
2. X-GO has a large foldable hood that can be folded down to protect your child from strong sun and wind. There is a ventilated window to prevent stuffiness in the heat.

Note: the top “walk” was created for babies who are already six months old, and can be used until the child is three.

3. Very comfortable: the backrest is lowered / raised smoothly, which allows you to take a comfortable position. Also, the model is equipped with a footrest, which is designed to lengthen the bed. For greater comfort, the manufacturer included a mattress in the kit.
4. The child will not freeze even in light frost, because his legs can be covered with a warm canopy, which was added to the stroller.
5. X-LANDER takes care of parents too: the control handle does not slip thanks to special pads. In addition, the stroller itself has an additional handle, with which the model is easy to carry when folded.

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Each of the models released by X-LANDER is good: maneuverable, comfortable and safe. Almost all baby strollers included in this rating fold like a book, but if you need a cane option, then you can choose X-GO. Do you want to buy a pushchair? Then it is better to look at the universal version of the X-PULSE, complemented by a comfortable cradle.


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