5 best cocoons for newborns: differences, which one to choose, reviews


Many mothers dream of a magical remedy that will save the baby from colic and regurgitation, help him fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully. But there is such a miracle cure. This is a cocoon for newborns. It was invented in France in order to nurse premature babies. It was created specifically to make the adaptation process more gentle and comfortable for the baby and his parents. Later, cocoons went on mass sale and gained well-deserved popularity among parents of babies who were born on time.

In today’s review, I will talk about the cocoons of five different brands, how they differ from each other and what you need to pay attention to before buying.

TOP 5 cocoons for newborns

Cocoon mattress Red Castle Cocoonababy

The same cocoon that started it all. The French company Red Castle created it together with neonatologists and pediatricians. It is produced in three sizes: for newborns, weighing from 1200 grams, for children weighing from 2000 grams and the largest — for babies weighing from 2800 grams. Parents note the excellent quality of the cocoon, it can be used with several children.

Size (LxWxH), cm 40x69x19
Filler polyurethane
The weight 1 kg
Included Base, Velcro adjustable leg roll that can be moved as the child grows, Removable cotton sheet, Safety belt
  • stable, lightweight, compact;
  • great quality;
  • pleasant to the touch
  • easy to wash.

A cocoon is an expensive thing in itself, and removable pillowcases for it are also expensive. You can save money if you buy a used cocoon from a family in which the baby has already grown up. It does not deform even under a child of solid weight. Yes, and it is used on average 3-4 months and simply does not have time to wear out. And instead of a removable pillowcase, you can use a regular diaper.

Cocoon mattress Farla Baby Shell

The Farla Baby Shell is designed to make your baby’s adaptation to the environment more gentle. The shape of the cocoon helps the baby to take his usual posture: a rounded back and legs bent at the knees. Memory Foam material evenly distributes the load on the body and improves the functioning of the digestive system and reduces colic. In a cocoon, a child sleeps much more peacefully. Farla prides itself on its direct casting technology, which uses no glue to make the base.

Size (LxWxH), cm 40x69x19
Filler polyurethane foam
The weight 2 kg
Included Base, removable cotton pillowcase, removable waterproof pillowcase, Velcro bolster, fastening belt, carrying bag
  • light;
  • great quality;
  • secure fastening.
  • not detected.

Cocoon mattress Dolce Bambino COCON

The Dolce Bambino cocoon is produced in Russia from imported materials under the control of an Italian company. In a cocoon, the baby is very comfortable, it seems to envelop. A special recess for the head helps to avoid flat head syndrome. It is lightweight and comfortable, easy to carry around the apartment. A special belt securely fixes the baby in a cocoon. The cocoon has a vibration massage function and a sound that imitates the beating of a mother’s heart.

Size (LxWxH), cm 41x70x18
Filler polyurethane foam
The weight 2 kg
Included Base, bottom cover made of terry cloth on the membrane, top cotton cover, roller under the legs with Velcro for fixing, fixation strap
  • light;
  • great quality;
  • reliable fastening;
  • vibration function.
  • not detected.

Cocoon is great for families who practice co-sleeping. You can put the baby in a cocoon and put it on the bed between the parents. In a cocoon, the child sleeps much calmer, and parents can relax without fear of crushing the child.

Mattress-cocoon Cloud Factory Yawning

Cocoon Zyovushka is produced in Russia. Parents really like it for an attractive price — almost half the price of imported ones. At the same time, the quality of the cocoon is confirmed by a certificate of conformity. The soft filler repeats the shape of the child’s body, so the baby is comfortable and comfortable in the cocoon. Polyurethane foam is considered a hypoallergenic material. The set includes 2 cotton covers. Additionally, you can buy a blanket.

Size (LxWxH), cm 70x43x20
Filler polyurethane foam
The weight 2.1 kg
Included Base, waterproof pillowcase, foot roll with velcro fastenings, detachable fixing strap, soft outer pillowcase, easy-to-replace pillowcase, carrying bag
  • light;
  • there is a replaceable cover;
  • there is a fixation of the child;
  • affordable price.
  • is pressed through.

Amarobaby Little baby sleep positioner

The Amarobaby Little baby positioner makes mom’s life a lot easier. You can put a child in it and carry it with you around the apartment. If the baby is lying on the bed in the positioner, you can not worry that he may fall. The positioner can be taken on the road to easily put the crumbs anywhere. Amarobaby positioners are double-sided, you can change colors from time to time. The cover is 100% cotton. The positioner is easy to wash and dries very quickly.

Size (LxWxH), cm 70x50x15
Filler fiberplast and thermofiber
The weight 1 kg
Included case
  • light;
  • easy to wash;
  • good quality;
  • affordable price.
  • the filler crumple during washing.

What to look for when choosing a cocoon for newborns

Cocoon for newborns greatly facilitates the life of the mother. It appeared on the market not so long ago, but already enjoys well-deserved popularity with parents. This is not a cheap thing, so the choice must be approached as responsibly as possible. Here are some tips to help you choose a high-quality and safe cocoon that will delight you and your baby for a long time:

  • be sure to check if the cocoon has a certificate of conformity. This is a guarantee that the product is manufactured in compliance with sanitary standards;
  • It’s great when there is a second case in the kit. You can use it while the first one dries and will not be nervous about every speck;
  • before buying, take the cocoon in your hands — it should not be too heavy, because the weight of the baby will be added to it, and it should be easy for you to carry it;
  • check that the cover of the cocoon is waterproof. So you don’t have to dry it whole if some trouble happens;
  • pay attention to the color of the cocoon, it should not be too bright. Too bright coating will quickly tire the baby;
  • it is better to choose a cocoon with a safety belt. It will gently and securely fix the baby in the cocoon.

Use the rating to choose a high-quality and safe cocoon for your baby. Share in the comments which cocoon you used and what impressions you got from it.

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