40th Anniversary Pack for the First INDIANA JONES Movie

There have been many different predictions on the Internet about how the Danish company will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the cult film about the adventurer Indiana Jones. There have been suggestions that this event will even be dedicated to a separate series “Coconut”.

In fact, it turned out that in the series “Coconut” they will give preference to another popular film “Avatar”. Meanwhile, site visitors LEGO Ideas actively voted for an individual project called “Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark – 40th Anniversary”.

The author of the work, Simon Scott, proposes a model of three separate locations, restoring the same number of scenes from the first Hunters for the Lost Treasures film. It tells how Indy, as part of an expeditionary group, is looking for an ancient temple in the jungles of Peru. It is these adventures that are revealed in separate sections of the modular toy.

Lego Fan Creates 40th Anniversary Set for the First Indiana Jones Movie

Having penetrated inside the ruins of the temple, the protagonist, along with his companion Satipo, find themselves in a difficult situation. Partners have to constantly overcome numerous deadly traps.

Indy’s first vignette shows an episode inside the temple, in a hall with a golden idol. In the second one, the adventurer’s flight is depicted during the beginning of the destruction of the temple complex, when he manages to escape from death thanks to a branch of a green plant and get out of the trap. In the third scene Indiana Jones escapes from a huge boulder that rolls right at him.

Lego Fan Creates 40th Anniversary Set for the First Indiana Jones Movie

Each scene, created from blocks, is filled with various accessories and characters according to the episode. Including, skeleton, various living creatures in the form of a rat, an ant, a snake, a spider and a chameleon. In general, all this creates a fairly realistic setting.

Fans of the film-anniversary “Hunters for the Lost Treasures” supported the idea, and now they have to wait for the second review of copyright works by experts Legoscheduled for September. Many hope that the competent jury will support the considered author’s project, and it will become the official designer of the Danish manufacturer.

Lego Fan Creates 40th Anniversary Set for the First Indiana Jones Movie

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