3 rustic-themed sets released in LEGO Ideas review

As shown by the selections in the competition LEGO Ideas, construction fans increasingly prefer models of rural themes. Since the beginning of June, visitors to the LEGO Ideas website have voted for as many as 3 similar author’s ideas: “Tuscan Villa”, “Traditional Japanese Village” and “Viking Spring Village”.

In the period from June 7 to 11, lovers of the “world of cubes” chose these 3 sets from the proposed hundreds of works. Thus, they moved on to the next stage of the competition of author’s ideas. Next fall, the projects will be considered as candidates for release as an official Lego constructor.

Tuscan or Italian villa

'Brick World' Fans Prefer Rural Theme - 3 Projects Featured in LEGO Ideas Competition

Surprisingly, the project “Tuscan Villa” designed not by any Italian construction fan, but by Alex Sahli from the USA. He has long dreamed of visiting Italy, but so far this has not been possible. Apparently, therefore, the American decided to make a “journey”, recreating a piece of southern European flavor in the form of a spacious and detailed villa, which could be located in Tuscany.

The model of a hospitable manor is an area with several cypress trees surrounding the house, on the wall of which a vine has spread its branches. The two-story building draws particular attention with its strikingly elaborate roof structure.

Curious discoveries await visitors to the house inside the villa. The first floor is a room with a bookcase, a large dining table and an armchair. Climbing the stairs to the top floor, you can find yourself in a bedroom with a bed, floor lamp and carpet. There is also a bathroom in the house.

The dimensions of the main model are:

  • length – 36 cm,
  • width – 29 cm,
  • height – 20 cm.

The entire game location is assembled from 2971 single parts and includes two miniature figures of the owners of the villa.

'Brick World' Fans Prefer Rural Theme - 3 Projects Featured in LEGO Ideas Competition

Traditional Japanese village

Traditional Japanese village

This project was presented by the Italians – brothers Daniel and Andrea, who offer to make a trip to the Japanese village. In order to gain the coveted 10 thousand votes in support of the idea, they had to wait almost a whole year!

The design includes 3 adjacent two-story houses, the last of which is separated from the first two by a “water” alley with bridges. On the ground floor of this building is a local restaurant with crab specialties and a room for traditional tea ceremonies.

'Brick World' Fans Prefer Rural Theme - 3 Projects Featured in LEGO Ideas Competition

Behind this house there is a pier – according to the plot of the game set, a boat with provisions for the restaurant is sailing in its direction along the coastal water.

The remaining buildings also contain premises from the service sector and educational institutions. In one – a flower shop with a rich selection of bouquets, in the other – a dojo, or otherwise a martial arts school with students practicing in the training room.

In general, the village, built from almost 3 thousand “bricks”, is very large in size:

  • about 70 cm long,
  • 30 cm wide,
  • 22 cm high.

All buildings, streets with stone and wooden sidewalks, footpaths and the general richness of bright colors perfectly convey the oriental flavor. And the presence of eight miniature figures of residents in the toy makes this Japanese village very lively.

'Brick World' Fans Prefer Rural Theme - 3 Projects Featured in LEGO Ideas Competition

Viking Spring Village

'Brick World' Fans Prefer Rural Theme - 3 Projects Featured in LEGO Ideas Competition

This one takes construction lovers to the Far North – the territory of the village of the ancient Vikings. By the colorful way it is presented by the author of the project, Florian from Germany, one can understand that the “brick” picture reflects the settlement after the end of a long winter.

The village in the author’s game model is located on the rocky coast of the Scandinavian Sea. Such originally protected places were chosen by the Vikings not by chance – the natural landscape itself well protected the inhabitants from uninvited guests.

The settlement itself, built from almost 2,700 parts, consists of residential buildings and the headman’s house, under which there is a secret cave.

Also on site are:

  • score,
  • small market,
  • a sea pier with a model of a Viking warship, on which the warriors made military campaigns.

The game location set includes a lot of items and accessories typical for those times, including Viking military weapons, furniture, torches and other things. All this, together with six miniature figures, allows you to realistically play out stories from the daily life of the inhabitants of the village of ancient warriors.

'Brick World' Fans Prefer Rural Theme - 3 Projects Featured in LEGO Ideas Competition

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