3 more new ideas made it to the finals in the Lego competition


The other day the LEGO Ideas collection has been replenished with three more author’s works. The total number of ideas supported by construction fans reached 34 projects. 3 more authors of unique models managed to drop into the “last car” of the outgoing 2021 with the ideas of new designers.

The first work of the author under the nickname Bulldozer is called “Gremlins” (picture above). The model is based on the eponymous “dark comedy”, popular since the 80s. The original film is about a Christmas Eve invasion by a horde of mischievous creatures in a small town.

Note that the Danish company has already addressed this story and released a thematic constructor. But the author of the new idea proposes to create the first set in the history of Lego with a real game location. It allows you to realistically reproduce many scenes, returning the owners of the modular toy to the mystical world from the movie “Gremlins 2: The New Series”, as well as transferring them to the plot of the upcoming animated series “Gremlins: Secrets of Mogway”.

The main place for the development of events is Billy Peltzer’s house. It consists of four rooms: the master’s bedroom, kitchen, living room and Randall Peltzer’s workshop.

Includes 6 minifigures: Billy, Keith, Striped, Mr. Wing and 2 more Gremlins. This buildable toy includes a minifigure of Pete dressed as a Christmas tree and a dog figure of Billy Barney. There are many themed accessories and items in the set.

Model from the second project “Sheriff’s Office – Wild West” (author under the name Llaki) can be attributed to the nostalgic theme of old America. He proposes to build a two-story “wooden” building with a base of 42.8 by 29.2 cm and a height of 22 cm. The color design of the office corresponds to the classic palette of the Wild West.

Thanks to the modular assembly technology, it is possible to get inside the premises. Below are the sheriff’s office and a cell for holding detained bandits. The second floor is given over to the living room with a bed and a bookcase. Here you can also find a large safe.

The buildable toy features 6 minifigures representing the sheriff and his deputy, 2 local cowboys and 2 bandits. Also included are 2 horse figures.

The model of the third author’s project called “NASA SR 71 Blackbird” (author Brickerbard) differs from the two previous ideas not only in content. The main difference is that it provides the owners with much less purely gaming opportunities. Nevertheless, a copy of the aircraft will arouse great interest among all aircraft lovers. Because it presents a copy of a rare fighter of the 90s, of which in reality only 32 pieces were produced.

This toy is crafted with sleek black elements with a sleek look. The model is detailed, which made it possible to demonstrate the “Blackbird” in all its glory. Additional rivets on the surface bring the texture to life and allow minifigures to be attached when posing on the wings.


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