3 LEGO Indiana Jones Sets

Information about the return to the “world of cubes” of the once popular series “Indiana Jones” more details in 2023. So, there were brief descriptions of three of the eight thematic constructors planned for release in the initial wave. All of them will be updated versions of scenes from the first adventure movie.

Attention! The model illustrations used in the following descriptions are taken from old kits.

77012 LEGO Indiana Jones Fighter Chase

Three sets of the Indiana Jones series that will appear in the first wave have been named

For fans of Indiana Jones, the contents of this set will sound familiar. Because it was already implemented in the constructor 7198 Fighter Attack in 2009. In general, the plot in the updated version of the modular toy remains the same: Indiana Jones, along with his father, is pursued by a fighter. Changes are expected only in the size and detail of the models.

The set includes three minifigures:

  • Indiana Jones,
  • Henry Jones Sr.
  • fighter pilot.

The 77012 LEGO Indiana Jones Fighter Chase set has 387 pieces and will retail for over $34.

77013 LEGO Indiana Jones Lost Tomb Escape

Three sets of the Indiana Jones series that will appear in the first wave have been named

This buildable set is a reissue of the construction kit 7621 “Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb”which came out in 2008. The constructed model in shape and size will be similar to the old version. However, the back panel is created almost entirely from cubes. This gives the toy a more sophisticated look compared to the previous version, which used large-scale stickers. The developers of the project left stickers only to display various hieroglyphs. In addition, the Anubis statues have been replaced with two much larger and more detailed figurines. In the center of the structure there will be a golden arch, and under it – the Ark of the Covenant.

Constructor 77013 LEGO Indiana Jones Lost Tomb Escape Includes 600 pieces and 4 minifigures: Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Salla and a mummy. Price: $39.99

Constructor 77014 LEGO Indiana JonesTemple Rocaยป

Three sets of the Indiana Jones series that will appear in the first wave have been named

The third set refers to the analogue of the prefabricated set 7199 Temple of Doom 2009. In the updated version, the model will look much more attractive thanks to the construction of modern building materials. It also features a larger and more detailed design.

In terms of content, the prefabricated kit corresponds to the old constructor:

  • game location includes a temple,
  • big statue of Kali
  • a skull altar into which three stones of Sankara can be inserted,
  • water tower.

You can open the hatch, like in the movie, go down a small path to the roller coaster and ride down its rails on two trolleys.

Kit 77014 LEGO Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Includes 801 pieces and 6 minifigures. The following movie characters are featured here: Indiana Jones, Willie Scott, Short Round, Mola Ram, Maharaja and a bandit security guard. Estimated cost of the constructor: $79.99.

According to bloggers, there is another set that will be based on the plot of old films. However, all that is known about him is that he will be released under the number 77015 and will be sold at a price of $149.99. The rest of the eight constructors of the first wave, most likely under the numbers 77016 – 77019, will be built on the new film “Indiana Jones 5”, the premiere of which has been postponed to 2023.

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