3 fun Lego sets for the little ones


In the assortment of the official online store “Lego” appeared 3 funny sets of the “Duplo” seriesdesigned for the smallest buyers. On the front side of branded boxes there is a special note that prefabricated toys are designed for kids from 1.5 years old. Accordingly, building “bricks” differ sharply from standard Legov kits in their size, as well as in their total number.

All 3 novelties are united by thematic content, which becomes extremely clear already from the names of the designers.

The first set of 10964 LEGO DUPLO Bathroom Adventures: Red Panda on a Raft (top) features a cute iconic wildlife figure and a life buoy swimming accessory plus a small bucket. At the same time, all these items can be used for their intended purpose, so that the child will now take water procedures not alone, but together with Panda.

This is the smallest constructor in terms of the number of parts – there are only 5 of them in the set. The price of the assembly toy is 8.99 pounds sterling / 9.99 dollars / 9.99 euros (840 rubles).

10964 LEGO DUPLO Bathtub Adventure: Red Panda on a Raft

The second 10965 LEGO DUPLO Bathtub Adventure: Floating Animal Train set is larger than the first set for toddlers. It consists of 14 “bricks” for assembling three figures: a duck, a polar bear and a hippopotamus. Each character has an individual watercraft in the form of the same lifebuoy. At the same time, the latter are interconnected according to the train principle.

The set is priced at £17.99/$19.99/€19.99.

10965 LEGO DUPLO Bath Adventures: Floating Animal Train

A fascinating game location will help to build the third thematic constructor 10966 LEGO DUPLO Bathtub Adventure: Animal Floating Island. It consists of 20 building blocks and elements. This buildable model is a floating island in the form of a lifebuoy, on which a lion lives, who likes to pour water from a bucket. Around the island you can see fish, octopus and flamingos.

The cost of this game kit is 34.99 pounds sterling / 39.99 dollars / 39.99 euros (3306 rubles).

Models from each of the three Duplo sets are easy to assemble and also easy to disassemble, which is important for quick and high-quality care for them. Well, the most important thing, probably, is that all 3 new items can be combined into a single gaming location. This is done due to the presence of rounded hooks on the rubber mugs, which allow them to be connected to each other.


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