25 new LEGO DOTS releases this summer

This summer, 25 sets are expected to appear in the line LEGO DOTS. Official images of those that will be released in the near future have already been published. Even a quick visual review of new products comes to certain conclusions. First of all, to the fact that Lego continues to implement the idea of ​​​​transferring its developments from the world of toys into everyday life.

LEGO DOTS creative building sets give owners the opportunity to create quite practical objects that can be used in everyday life as real accessories, decorations and useful things.

25 summer new LEGO DOTS products for everyday life

For example, buyers of thematic sets of the summer wave will be able to become owners of an original photo frame (LEGO 41956, price: 29.99 euros (2132 rubles)) in the form of three popsicles complete with a narrow bracelet for a girl. At the same time, the “sticks” of ice cream sticking out to the sides are intended for hanging jewelry, for example, the same bracelet.

Also among the June novelties will be presented a unique “Rainbow Bracelet” (LEGO 41953, price 6.99 euros (497 rubles)). The red bracelet is decorated with multi-colored stones and is also adjustable. On its surface there are pendants for cute hearts.

25 summer new LEGO DOTS products for everyday life

Parents of young building fans will especially like the following 2 sets: 41959 LEGO Panda Storage Tray (price 19.99 euros (1421 rubles)) and 41960 LEGO Big Box (price 24.99 euros (1776 rubles)).

From the parts of these sets, a classic open-shaped tray and a box with a lid for storing various items, including small toys, are assembled. If desired, they can be used as a sorting section for Lego building materials. In any case, both colorful designs are of great practical value both as storage and as an object that teaches the child to tidy up his toys.

25 summer new LEGO DOTS products for everyday life

Perhaps the main feature of the summer wave is the appearance of completely new creative ideas in the LEGO DOTS series. Along with the famous bracelets, pendants, photo frames or jewelry, sets with creative stickers and patches will also be on sale.

Expanding the thematic area with adhesive surfaces and seams heralds many new creative possibilities. Now it will be possible to create your own creation, for example, from the parts of the set 41954 LEGO Creative Stickers (price 6.99 euros (497 rubles)), and then stick it anywhere you want. However, before that, you will have to think 7 times, since this operation is one-time. A used sticker can not be re-glued to another place.

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