21335 LEGO Ideas Motorized Beacon

The first (unofficial) images of the new constructor have spread online 21335 LEGO Ideas Motorized Beacon, which plans to appear on store shelves in early September. Its most important feature is that the model was created on the basis of the work of the winner of the 2020 open competition of ideas under the very original nickname Roses Must Build, which means “Roses Must Build”.

The set consists of 2065 parts. Price: 299.99 euros. According to preliminary information, the novelty will be available exclusively in online stores for several months. Lego and official offline stores, and only then will it enter the regular retail chain. So the excitement at the start of sales is guaranteed.

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The model of the motorized beacon is assembled on a blue base plate, which indirectly simulates the water surface. In its finished form, the toy is a tower erected on a large coastal cliff. The height of the assembled structure will be as much as 54 cm. That is, unlike the author’s project, the designers of the Danish manufacturer of designers made the lighthouse larger in size. The main building is harmoniously complemented by a white lighthouse keeper’s house with a red roof and a white boat with brown oars.

The rear wall of the lighthouse is removable, so if you want to show the household the interior of the high-rise building, you can remove it for the duration of the demonstration. The roof of the house is also removed, opening up an overview of the dwelling. Construction fans expect some treasure to be hidden in the rock. Wait and see.

One point remains unclear: how motorized will this model be? Based on the name, as well as the total number of parts, the lighthouse should not only be equipped with electronic lighting components, but also with an automatically rotating top of the tower.

As for the characters, the game set includes two miniature figures:

  • lighthouse keeper in blue overalls,
  • fishermen in green clothes.

Despite the seeming small number, these two figurines perfectly enliven the overall composition of the toy location.

Another author's idea -

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