Lego Fans Day is here!

[ad_1] 23 September LEGO House Museum reopened its doors after a months-long hiatus due to covid. In the small Danish town of Billund, where the first Lego building brick was invented, construction fans from all

The first branded Lego store on a cruise ship.

[ad_1] The LEGO company is developing new markets for finished products. So, on September 25, she opened her first company store on a cruise ship — on board the flagship ship belonging to the German

Will there be a new Star Wars tank?

[ad_1] According to Western bloggers, in 2022 it is planned to replenish the popular Star Wars series with new designers. In particular, information was leaked about the release of an updated version of the Respublika

Marvel: a new set based on an episode not in the movie

[ad_1] In the official Lego online store, 2 wonderful constructors for fans of the Marvel universe became available to customers: 76194 LEGO Marvel Sakaarian Iron Man Tony Stark and 76201 LEGO Marvel Captain Carter and

Popular «Legoland» expands its boundaries | News

[ad_1] In the home of Lego designers in the town of Blillund, by all indications, preparatory work began for the 90th anniversary of the company. The holiday will be celebrated in August 2022. The approach