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In Western countries, sales of entertaining advent calendars have started, helping children to gradually tune in to the “wave” of the upcoming New Year holidays. The Lego company invites parents to choose one gift for their girls and boys from five Christmas designers.

The advent calendar from the Danish manufacturer is, first of all, a standard constructor. Surprise toys for every day are assembled from its details. A box with windows transforms into a great gaming location. Every day, the colorful diorama will change its appearance, replenished with new items, decorative elements, as well as miniature figures of heroes.

According to the designers presented by the Lego company, it is clear that she tried not to ignore the attention of lovers of designing various thematic areas. These kits will interest literally every construction lover. Because they have a great idea.

41690 LEGO Girlfriends Christmas Calendar.

41690 LEGO Girlfriends Christmas Calendar

The perfect gift for girls. With this beautiful 24-Door Calendar, your child can start counting down to Christmas. Behind every door are parts to create one wonderful toy a day…

The set of the designer includes micro-dolls of five girlfriends. For each of them there is a Christmas present that meets her passion. There are also figurines of pets and animals. And there are a lot of winter items in the toy – sled, sled, snowboard.

The size of the New Year’s Calendar box is small: it is over 25 cm high, 37 cm long and 6 cm wide. All items in the set correspond to these dimensions, but at the same time they are endowed with cool game functions. For example, the rolling pin spins, the blender nozzle can be raised, and the oven door can be opened. So the child, without delay, will be able to start preparing holiday treats.

60303 LEGO City New Year Calendar.

60303 LEGO City New Year's Calendar

Funny mini-models and popular characters from LEGO City. Adventures” will appear before the owners of the New Year’s calendar under the article 60303 …

The deployed location simulates a children’s playground in a snowy city. So the child has the opportunity to enjoy winter fun without leaving home. This is an especially great option for days when frost is rampant outside.

An exciting game is promised by the heroes of the TV series Tophet Tom, Bob, Betty, Sam Grizlda, Shirley Keeper and Fendrich, as well as the snowman Duke DeTane. You won’t get bored with these characters! The presence of surprise toys and cool accessories fully contributes to such a pastime.

You do not know what to give your child for the New Year? Feel free to buy a designer 60303 LEGO City New Year’s Calendar. The set is designed for children from 5 years of age, so the assembly will not be difficult even for beginners in the world of construction. It will inspire your little one to imaginative play, help develop critical skills and showcase their creativity.

76390 LEGO “Christmas Calendar” Harry Potter.

76390 LEGO Harry Potter New Year's Calendar

This Lego set will be an original gift for fans of the young wizard. It contains 24 children’s gifts to be opened one a day until the Christmas holidays…

The creators of the “calendar” managed to include truly magical toys in its composition, allowing you to recreate the famous scenes from the cult film “Harry Potter” in miniature. This will help, including 6 miniature figures of the main characters of the adventure. In the designer, along with the main character, there are: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Dudley Dursley, Draco Malfoy and Griphook.

By collecting the models hidden behind each of the 24 doors, a child on Christmas Eve can combine them into a single play location. As a result, he will be able to send the young wizard on an unforgettable journey from Privet Street to Hogwarts:

– first he will receive a letter from Hogwarts through the Dursley fireplace;

– then go to the Gringotts vault and pick up the gold there;

– after that he will have to collect school supplies;

– and, finally, Harry Potter will meet with the owl Hedwig.

All in all, 7 year old wizards will have a lot of fun with this set. In addition to everything behind the 24th door, they will find a colorful spinning top. With it, you can play an equally exciting board game that is printed on the calendar.

LEGO 75307 New Year’s Calendar Star Wars.

LEGO 75307 New Year's Calendar Star Wars

New Year’s Eve surprise for fans of the most popular series of LEGO sets, as well as “star” films and cartoons. Constructor LEGO 75307 New Year’s Calendar Star Wars created according to a standard structure – which means that as many as 24 Christmas mini-gifts are waiting for its owner!

This toy is dedicated to the characters of the second season of The Mandalorian. Behind each door, the child will find a miniature figure of one of the characters in the film, a model of galactic technology, as well as weapons and accessories. The holiday calendar includes minifigures: a Mandalorian and baby Grog or “Mini Yoda”, a scout infantryman, a stormtrooper, a Tusken raider, an IG-11 and an IT-O interrogator droid.

Kids will love building the game with Razor Blade mini-models, Riot Mara and Boba Fett starships, Imperial military transport, X and TIE fighters, Empire light cruiser, Baby’s flying bassinet. In total, the “calendar” includes 11 models of equipment.

Of the other items and accessories, it should be noted the presence of a heavy blaster E-Web – it shoots snowballs; practice targets, assorted weapon racks, and the Tusken Raider’s snow thrower.

Given the enduring popularity of Star Wars toys, it can be understood that Constructor LEGO 75307 New Year’s Calendar Star Wars will be a welcome New Year’s gift for children and adults who love to create.

76196 LEGO Marvel Avengers Christmas Calendar.

76196 LEGO Marvel Avengers Christmas Calendar

Fans of Iron Man and other Marvel’s Avengers characters will love the most with this superhero set. In favor of choosing such a New Year’s gift is the fact that such a “calendar” is unique in its unusual form and deep content …

Into the designer’s package 76196 LEGO Marvel Avengers Christmas Calendar included 7 characters of adventure stories. Miniature figures of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain Marvel, Thanos and Nick Fury await the owner of the building toy. At the same time, the heroes are not in an empty space.

Superheroes have a variety of themed items and amazing accessories at their disposal. Children will be pleased with the quinjet, helicopter, Spider-Man drone, Avengers tower and many other models, objects and things presented in the game location.

In conclusion of the review, we note that in all five presented sets from the Danish company Lego, there is everything to give the children’s imagination a good creative impetus. Each Christmas constructor is designed to be a pleasant surprise and an amazing source of inspiration!


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