2 New Packs Coming to Star Wars Line this Summer

Finally, two long-awaited new items were officially presented to Star Wars fans. These are the biggest summer series constructors 75323 LEGO Star Wars Justifier and 75337 LEGO Star Wars “AT-TE”.

Star Wars fans now have a choice:

  • try to free Omega from the laser prison that is aboard bounty hunter Cad Bane’s spaceship;
  • Or take part in the Battle of Utapau against an army of Separatist droids?

By the way, if you choose the second option, you will have to go hiking aboard the mighty AT-TE Walker. Then, under the leadership of the famous Commander Cody, parachute as part of the 212th detachment of clone troopers and take a direct part in the battle.

So what to choose?

75323 LEGO Star Wars Justifier

The 2 Biggest Star Wars Summer Wave Packs

The model of Cad Bane’s spaceship, which viewers first saw at the end of the first season of the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, is simply amazing. First of all, admire the dimensions of the toy:

  • 38 cm long,
  • 50 cm wide,
  • 12 cm high.

In addition, the starship will like realistic elements.

For example:

  • rear engine that changes position in flight and landing;
  • detailed control cabin;
  • spring-loaded arrows at the ends of the wings;
  • and the so-called “laser” prison cell with the Omega imprisoned in it.

By the way, the Omega minifigure in the “world of cubes” has a premiere! Along with her, the figure of the updated Todo 360 droid can be attributed to the exclusive characters, and Cad Bane should be included in this list, since he has not appeared in Lego sets since 2013. Fennec Shanda and Bounty Hunter, armed with top-notch weapons and accessories, also look good in the set.

What awaits the owner of the set inside the spacecraft has not yet been disclosed. But, apparently, and there they will find a lot of interesting and entertaining.

Constructor 75323 LEGO Star Wars Justifier Includes 1022 pieces and 4 minifigures. It will arrive in toy stores from August 1. Price: 169.99 euros.

75337 LEGO Star Wars “AT-TE”

The 2 Biggest Star Wars Summer Wave Packs

Inspired by Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, the new AT-TE walker model is already being hailed as the highlight of the summer wave of Lego themed sets. There were many rumors and speculation about her. So, most fans of the series assumed that the set would be based on the second episode of Star Wars.

In fact, it turned out that the company’s designers made a bet on the third episode, focusing on the battle of Utapau. Although the walker bears a strong resemblance to the 2013 version, there are noticeable changes to its design. For example, the legs are shorter and the feet smaller than they used to be. Thanks to this, the newly appeared AT-TE looks more massive and strong. Modern dishes have been installed instead of satellite dishes.

The model impresses with its dimensions:

  • length is 44cm,
  • width – 24 cm,
  • height – 19 cm.

The dimensions allowed the developers of the project to demonstrate in detail the powerful armament of the walker, in particular, a heavy blaster cannon with 2 shooters rotating 360 degrees. The game features are added by several opening cockpits of the combat vehicle, inside which you can place up to seven minifigures.

The constructor in question will delight not only Star Wars fans, but also collectors of figurines of the movie characters. Especially the fact that they will finally have a chance to get the very Commander Cody that many have been looking for a long time ago. Equally attractive are the updated minifigures of 3 212th Squad clone troopers and a clone gunner, plus a dwarf spider droid.

Kit 75337 LEGO Star Wars “AT-TE” Includes 1082 pieces and 8 minifigures. It will also go on sale in early August. The cost is 139.99 euros.

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