13 new sets in the Marvel series


Thanks to the American retailer Eugene Toy and Hobby, fans of the most popular series of Marvel and DC constructors have learned what new items await them this coming summer. According to the information published on the website, it is clear that the Danish company plans to release 13 new themed packs.

A certain intrigue and ambiguity of this news is created by the fact that the seller listed only the articles of the alleged new products and their cost in dollars without indicating the names of the prefabricated kits. Thus, for today it is only known that the cheapest designer will be sold at a price of 9.99 dollars (757 rubles), and the most expensive – at 209.99 (15,906 rubles). We have already said that by the cost of the game set, many have learned to determine what is waiting inside the branded boxes. However, in this case, not everything was so simple. First of all, because it is not clear to which particular line of designers this or that article belongs. So far, only three sets, numbered 76220, 76221 and 76231, have been determined by commentators that they represent the Marvel series.

So for now, this information should be treated only as rumors. Among the officially announced Lego sets, only the designer is now listed 76209 LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammerwhich offers to recreate the mythical weapons of a superhero almost life-size from cubes.


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