12 Lego Muppets minifigures coming soon

New in May 71033 LEGO The Muppets Collectible Set will replenish home collections of Lego figurines collectors. The package includes the famous Jim Henson and Frank Oz dolls, known all over the world. The minifigures reflect the characters from the comedy film of the same name – The Muppets, which was released on wide screens in 2011.

Recall also that these puppets from the late 60s of the last century were an integral part of the equally famous Sesame Street. Also, the dolls were very popular thanks to their own “Mannet Show” and various television films. By the way, 2 years ago, the Danish company released the 21324 LEGO Ideas Set Sesame Street, so the current novelty can be a great addition to the old set.

Interestingly, there has not yet been an official presentation of collectible minifigures. Meanwhile, some Western retailers are already taking orders. Information about them spread across all social networks and resources. According to data published on these platforms, it became known that there will be 12 dolls in the set, including the oldest Rowlf doll, which is considered the first in this exciting series.

71033 LEGO Muppets Collectible Minifigures united by a common article. However, each doll is individually packaged, meaning buyers can purchase them separately for a price of 3.99 euros (326 rubles). But in this case, of course, the thematic selection of characters will not be entirely complete. In any case, fans of the funny series will have the opportunity to collect the entire collection of toys at once or gradually.

71033 LEGO Muppets Collectible Minifigures

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