11 new Lego sets have been added to the Jurassic World line

Official Lego stores have put up for sale 11 newly minted Jurassic World series designers. The assortment includes 10 sets, which are based on episodes of the new film. “Jurassic: Dominion” The premiere is expected this summer.

It would seem that these new items should arouse the greatest interest among fans. However, the first reviews show that the very only set that falls out of the number dedicated to the new film turned out to be in the spotlight. And this despite the fact that 76956 LEGO Jurassic Park Rex’s Breakthrough (price 99.99 dollars or 8000 rubles) was developed by designers on the plot of the old movie “Jurassic Park”.

The prefabricated constructor is large in terms of the number of building “bricks” – 1212 parts. Accordingly, the gaming location built from them turns out to be quite impressive in size: the length is 58 cm, the width is 22 cm. An epic scene with the famous Rex dinosaur escape from the park is recreated on such a construction site. Moreover, the diorama “enlivens” a rather realistic picture due to good detail: T. rex walks along the inverted Fords and smashes the electric fence.

The package includes a lot of spectacular accessories, for example, there are night vision goggles, a couple of water glass elements and so on, which enhance the perception of the scene. Dramatization of the ongoing events is facilitated by the inclusion in the playset of minifigures of four characters from the film: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Tim and Lex Murphy.

Why exactly this designer of the eleven presented novelties aroused the greatest interest among construction fans? Apparently, because they prefer building toys based on a movie, the contents of which are already well known. If so, then the rest of the sets based on the upcoming motion picture “Jurassic: Dominion”will be appreciated after the premiere on wide screens.

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