10 best strollers with inflatable wheels


Guaranteeing convenience for the child and his parents, super-safe – this is exactly what a stroller should be. This rating presents the best models with rubber wheels for walking with children of different ages. All of them have good shock absorption, so they provide a smooth ride on any road. The top includes classic as well as sports lightweight options.

strollers for walking with inflatable wheels


Four inflatable rubber wheels of this walking model are equipped with spikes, which makes the model the best option for off-road, sandy beaches and winter walks – the tiny passenger will not feel potholes and bumps.

It is easy to manage a stroller that folds like a book, because its handle is adjustable for height. Comfort control adds a foot brake, as well as the ability to fix the front swivel wheels.


You don’t have to worry about safety: an inquisitive child will not slip out of the seat – it will be held by five-point straps. They will not press, because they are equipped with soft pads.

5 nice features:

  1. It is possible to create more shade for the baby and better protect it from the wind by expanding the hood;
  2. If the baby passenger gets tired from a long walk, he will be able to sleep – the seat back gently lowers;
  3. Parents will be able to grab everything they need for a walk and even go to the grocery store – at the bottom of the X-MOVE is a luggage basket.
  4. Easy to care for: all four wheels can be removed in a couple of minutes, making them easier to clean.
  5. The LED reflector headlight will add safety to walks at dusk.

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In the seat of this option, the child will be comfortable. The backrest here gently lowers (it is possible to choose from three positions), so even long walks will not tire the baby with the monotony of the position.

Note: thanks to a special handle, it is easier to carry the folded cane.

The manufacturer took care of the maneuverability of SI COMPLETO by equipping it with swivel wheels located at the front. Stability adds to them the possibility of fixation.


The creators also paid attention to parental comfort by making height-adjustable handles. And mom and dad, and even an older brother or sister can easily roll a stroller.

Main advantages:

  • The bumper, which protects against slipping along with the five-point straps, is removable: it is easier to put the child in the stroller.
  • In addition to the backrest, the footrest is adjustable – parents will be able to create a cozy place for the baby to sleep.
  • In the heat, the child will be able to get even more shade, thanks to an additional visor, which is equipped with a hood. The visor is also designed to protect from rain.
  • Easy to care for: the upholstery is removable, so it is easier to clean.


This walking option can be chosen for newborns. But it is also suitable for older kids – up to four years old, because it is able to withstand a 17-kilogram weight. The inflatable wheels of the model are removed, so it is easy to take care of it.

The creators made sure that the stroller was easy to manage: due to the fact that the wheels located in front turn, it is easy to maneuver. Comfort is added by the handle, which extends according to growth. It was equipped with an overlay made of fabric that prevents slipping.


Parents won’t have to worry about their inquisitive little one slipping out of the seat, thanks to the 5-point harness and adjustable grab bar.

What is good: 6 qualities

  1. Parents have the opportunity to rearrange the seat so that the baby looks at the road or at mom / dad, so he does not get bored.
  2. The child will be able to sleep, because the back of the stroller seat drops down to the lying position.
  3. The hood, equipped with a visor, is adjustable, which allows you to create more shade and better cover the child from the wind.
  4. Automatic fixation of the book model when folded will protect it from damage during transportation.
  5. The manufacturer equipped SMILE 2 with a large basket that can withstand 7 kilos: parents can definitely not only take everything their child needs for a walk, but also drop in for shopping.
  6. Safe evening walks are guaranteed: there are reflectors on the basket.

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This model with a mattress included allows you to save space when storing: it can easily be placed under a table or sofa, as it folds like a book.

With this walking option, you can not worry whether the child is comfortable, whether he is safe. VOYAGE AIR is equipped with five-point durable straps that securely hold the child, but at the same time do not hinder his movements and do not cause discomfort.


7 attractive features:

  1. To fold the model, you just need to press the button on the handle.
  2. When creating this option, the manufacturer paid attention to comfort: the backrest descends smoothly, the footrest extends, extending the bed.
  3. The baby will not slip out of the seat: five-point straps hold him tightly, and a handrail and a crotch strap add points to safety.
  4. Putting the baby in the stroller is not difficult, because the protective rail can be simply removed.
  5. A capacious luggage basket allows you to put children’s things and go shopping without “pulling” heavy packages in your hands. In addition, along with the stroller, the owner receives a bag.
  6. Suitable for any season: in addition to the model, the manufacturer puts a raincoat, as well as a mesh that protects against insects. For parents, there is also a bonus – the manufacturer provided a clutch that is attached to the handle: dad / mom’s hands will not freeze.
  7. Feeding a baby on a walk is easy thanks to a table with cup holders.


This option is universal. The model is suitable for newborns, because a cradle with a mattress is placed on its chassis. And when the child is six months old, he can be put in a stroller seat. The back rests in four positions so parents don’t have to worry about whether their little one is well settled down.

Note: in addition to the basket, a bag is attached to the model: bottles with mixtures, toys can be taken with you without difficulty, and there will also be a place for shopping.


6 main advantages:

  1. Allows the child to either watch the road or look at the parent: the seat can be installed in two directions.
  2. A small passenger will be supervised, even if the seat is set to the side of the road: a viewing window is sewn into the hood.
  3. The baby will not slip out of the seat: it is protected by a removable handrail, and also by straps. They are equipped with an inguinal and shoulder pad, so they do not cause inconvenience.
  4. Riding over bumps will not cause discomfort – the stroller was equipped with inflatable all-terrain wheels.
  5. The creators of ABC DESIGN VIPER 4S took care of parents by equipping the model with a handle that can be adjusted according to height.
  6. Together with the model, parents receive a mesh that will protect their baby from mosquitoes, and a cover that insulates the legs.

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This is a sports option for active parents: you can easily jog with it. It can withstand a total weight of a maximum of 34 kilos: parents will be able to take a walk with a grown child and go for groceries. At the same time, the model is easy to store: with one hand it can be folded like a book and pushed under a table or sofa.


But not only compactness can please the stroller: it is maneuverable thanks to the front inflatable wheel made of rubber, because it turns. In addition, it is equally good for parents of different heights to roll it, because the height of the handle can be adjusted.

If the baby spins in the seat and tries to get out, it will still not fall out of the stroller: five-point straps will hold it.

5 nice qualities:

  1. Just made for athletic parents: for comfortable jogging, its front wheel is removed and stored in a special compartment.
  2. By lowering the seat back, parents will provide their child with a cozy sleeping place: he will not get tired of a long walk.
  3. The canopy is also adjustable, which allows you to better protect the child from wind and bright sun.
  4. Despite the fact that the seat of THULE URBAN GLIDE 1 is facing the road, parents will not lose sight of the passenger: a window is sewn into the canopy.
  5. If you walk in the rain, children’s things and products will not get wet in the luggage basket: the luggage compartment closes with a zipper and does not let water through.


This ultra-comfortable model, although created for children who are already six months old, is also suitable for newborns: the manufacturer carefully included a special insert on the seat for the smallest passengers.


Safety is guaranteed by five-point straps, and also a handrail. It is removable, so you can put your child in the stroller with ease. The option is distinguished by “exemplary behavior” on any roads: thanks to inflatable rubber wheels on bearings, it will even pass through a snowy road and roll perfectly on a primer. Proper maneuverability of GEOBY C780 RY06 will be ensured by two turning front wheels.

Main advantages:

  • it’s not scary if the tire goes down – a pump is attached to the model;
  • you can sleep in the seat: lower the backrest, and extend the footboard;
  • do not worry that the child will catch a cold – the manufacturer put a canopy that will insulate the legs of the crumbs, and a large bathyscaphe hood will protect from the wind;
  • insects will not bother – the net will protect against mosquitoes;
  • the seat of the model is rearranged: he will be able to watch the road or look at his parents;
  • a basket was placed below, and a pocket was sewn into the hood – parents can definitely put bottles with mixtures, a blanket and toys.

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This compact option is popular with active parents. It comes with a set of fasteners that allows you to attach the stroller to the bike: walking with your child and keeping fit with it will be a breeze. Spare rubber wheels are also included.

The creators of THULE CHARIOT COUGAR 1 equipped it with a luggage basket, where, in addition to children’s things, a bicycle helmet will also fit. The height of the handle is adjustable, making it easy to operate.


What is good:

  • the inquisitive baby will not slip out of the seat facing the road thanks to soft, but strong five-point straps;
  • the canopy completely covers the seat, so it will protect well from the sun and wind;
  • do not worry that the child will not have enough air: for warm weather, ventilation of the windows is provided, and for heat – complete;
  • the activity of the parents will not interfere with the rest of the passenger – the suspension of the model is adjustable, which ensures a soft ride.


This book option is simply created for those who like to emphasize individuality in everything. The manufacturer puts in the kit a set of inserts of different colors for upholstery and frame.

Note: This stroller is one of the best in terms of ease of care. Its rubber wheels are quickly removed, so they are easier to clean from dirt.

AFFINITY 2 is easy to maneuver even in difficult terrain: its front wheels turn. The height of the handle can be adjusted for ease of use. The rear and front suspensions are responsible for a smooth ride: a small passenger will not even notice bumps and bumps.


4 attractive qualities:

  1. The backrest tilting in three positions together with the retractable footrest will help the child to take a comfortable position.
  2. The child will not be bored during a long walk, because he will be able to watch the road or smile at the parent: it is possible to put the walking block in different ways.
  3. The passenger is always under supervision, even when the unit is installed in the direction of the road: there is a window in the hood.
  4. Fresh air in the heat is what you need on a walk, so the creators of the model provided its hood with a mesh for ventilation.


This model with inflatable wheels is suitable for urban roads and rural areas. It is easier to manage thanks to the retractable handle. Taking care of the stroller is also easy: to clean the wheels of dust and dirt, they can be removed.


Main advantages:

  • The X-PULSE has the ability to lower the backrest in three positions so that the little passenger can get comfortable.
  • The model is safe for trips at dusk – the lower part of the frame on the front panel is an LED reflector.
  • The hood expands with a zipper to keep out the wind, rain and bright sun.
  • Through the viewing window, made of mesh fabric, you can look after the child.

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With any of the strollers included in the top 10, it’s not a shame to walk with a child. All of them are convenient, with each you can not worry about safety. Cycling fans should take a look at the THULE CHARIOT COUGAR 1. Suitable for jogging, it can be attached to the bike to keep fit while walking. The agile BRITAX AFFINITY 2 will suit the classics lovers. Two suspensions will provide the smoothest possible ride.


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