10 Best Lactose-Free Infant Formulas


Lactose-free mixtures are used only on the recommendation of a doctor, in cases where a newborn child has lactose intolerance. It is characterized by the inability of the infant’s digestive system to absorb milk protein. Therefore, baby food manufacturers are developing special formulas (for example, based on soy) that do not contain lactose, but fully meet the needs of the newborn in all nutrients, replacing breast milk. There are much fewer lactose-free mixtures on sale, sometimes the choice is completely scarce. Despite this, it will be useful for new parents to familiarize themselves with the best lactose-free mixtures.

Top 10 Best Lactose Free Blends

10 Nutrigen

Nutrigen lactose free

This milk formula is not suitable for newborns. It is intended for children from one year old and even adults who remain lactose intolerant. It is a balanced dry mix of carbohydrates, vegetable oils, minerals and vitamins. It does not contain protein, as it is also used for diseases that require its strict restriction. The advantages of the drink include an increased content of substances such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium. The mixture is suitable for the preparation of lactose-free, protein-free milk and dishes based on them.

This is a rather specific product, so it is not very popular and is not always found on the shelves of stores and pharmacies. The disadvantage, according to parents, is also considered the inability to use the product for children under one year old and a rather high cost.

9 Nestle Alfare

Nestle Alfare

A high-quality, but very expensive mixture that does not contain lactose, milk protein, soy, cholesterol, GMOs and other harmful substances. Its composition is perfectly balanced, enriched with vitamins. The manufacturer offers different age options — one of them is recommended for use from birth to six months.

In reviews, parents often share their joy — with the transfer to this mixture, colic passes very quickly in children, digestion improves, they become calmer, the skin stops flaking. Therefore, they believe that the quality and effectiveness of the milk replacer fully justifies its high cost. The only drawback is not the most pleasant taste with a slight bitterness. Some children initially refuse to drink it, but then get used to it.

8 Grandma’s basket Lactose-free

Grandma’s Basket Lactose Free Blend

An inexpensive substitute for conventional formulas for feeding infants with lactose intolerance. It has a fairly balanced composition, contains all the necessary substances for the full formation of the nervous, skeletal system of the child and healthy immunity. Suitable for children from the first days of birth. In the future, it can be used for making cereals, milk soups and desserts. The big advantage of this mixture is that it is produced in factories in France, but it has an acceptable cost.

Parents in the reviews write that from the more expensive mixtures of the same purpose, «Grandmother’s Basket» differs only in its low price, despite the fact that it is really French production. There are slight differences in taste, but they are not significant, and children drink the substitute with pleasure. The release form is also pleasing — a convenient, hermetically sealed tin can. A common problem is that the mixture is not sold in all stores.

7 Friso

friso friso

Soy-based milk replacer is suitable for newborns and older children who are breastfed. The substitute has a balanced composition, pleasant taste, satisfies all the needs of a rapidly growing organism. Thanks to the addition of additional substances, the formula is as close as possible to the composition of breast milk in terms of nutritional value and value. The production does not use GMOs and other additives harmful to the child’s body.

Compared to mixtures of other brands, the product has a very affordable price and is available in convenient tins. The only problem that you may encounter is that the Dutch brand milk replacer is not sold in all stores, so you have to buy it with a margin. Otherwise, the mixture has received the approval of parents and pediatricians for its good composition and pleasant taste.

6 Similac Alimentum

Similac Alimentum

Expensive but very high quality formula for children with lactose intolerance and other severe food allergies. Made from fully hydrolyzed casein with the addition of medium chain triglycerides. The mixture does not contain lactose, gluten and palm oil. The main features of the mixture are a unique carbohydrate composition, a combination of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as the content of vitamins and minerals for the full growth and comprehensive development of the child.

After reading the reviews, only one thing comes to mind — the parents are delighted with this mixture. Many note that after the transfer to this milk replacer, the health of children is quickly on the mend. Children drink milk formula with pleasure, and parents prepare porridge based on it. The only significant disadvantage is the very high cost. Given that the consumption of milk substitutes is rather big, not all parents can afford to constantly buy this mixture.

5 NAN Lactose Free

NAN lactose free

Complete nutritional formula for babies suffering from lactose intolerance. It is also recommended for children who have recently had diarrhea to restore intestinal functions. The peculiarity of the mixture is that it contains L.reuteri lactobacilli, similar to those found in breast milk. Also in the composition you can see nucleotides and smart lipids DHA-ARA. All this contributes to the normalization of the intestinal microflora in a child.

From the reviews it is clear that the quality of the mixture completely suits the parents. It dissolves perfectly, has an excellent composition and pleasant taste, does not contain lactose and harmful substances. Only the high cost and the need to order the mixture in online stores are frustrating, since it is not always on sale in pharmacies. Otherwise, this is the best option not only for children with lactose intolerance, but also for those children who generally have digestive problems.

4 Nutrilak Premium

Nutrilak Premium lactose free blend

One of the most popular milk substitutes for babies and older children. Suitable for self-feeding, and for adding to cereals, desserts. According to parents, it has a very pleasant taste. There are no complaints about the composition either — it does not include palm oil, preservatives, sugar and starch.

There are a lot of reviews about this mixture — it is available in most pharmacies, it is one of the most common, which is partly due to its popularity. But the main selection criterion is still the quality and balanced composition that satisfies all the needs of the child. As a small bonus, parents note a very convenient measuring spoon. Among the shortcomings — it is difficult to dissolve in water. Some do not like cardboard packaging, after opening which it is no longer possible to create tightness.

3 Bellakt BL

Bellakt BL

Inexpensive, but not bad in composition and quality, a nutritional formula for children with lactose intolerance. Recommended for feeding children from birth to six months. Despite the low cost, the composition of the mixture is optimally balanced, the growing body receives all the nutrients it needs from the first days of life.

Parents have no complaints about the quality of an inexpensive lactose-free mixture. In the reviews, they write about a very low cost compared to mixtures of other brands, good taste. Children react positively to nutrition — gain weight well, do not experience digestive problems. The powder quickly and completely dissolves in water if the temperature regime recommended by the manufacturer is observed. The only drawback is that the product is sold in a cardboard box, not in a can.

2 Humana SL

Humana SL

This is one of the best soy protein isolate formulas for newborn babies. This is a really high-quality German-made product, made without GMOs and harmful ingredients. This formula for babies does not contain cow’s milk proteins, gluten, lactose. At the same time, nutrition contains everything necessary for the full development of a growing organism.

Many parents have already appreciated this lactose-free breast milk substitute and leave good reviews about it. First of all, they indicate good taste, low cost, German production. But one cannot fail to mention a few disadvantages — pediatricians do not recommend using soy-based mixtures for a long time, since they can subsequently cause an allergic reaction in a child. The parents themselves sometimes express other claims — the mixture dissolves slowly and is not sold in all stores.

1 Nutrilon (Nutricia) Lactose Free

Nutrilon (Nutricia) Lactose Free

Nutrilon has developed a special formula based on calcium caseinate for feeding newborns with lactose intolerance. Instead of lactose, glucose syrup is used, which is much easier to digest. This is one of the best and most popular lactose-free formulas for babies, free of starch, sugar and preservatives. An allergic reaction to it develops extremely rarely, but a new diet is still recommended to be introduced gradually.

Pediatricians and parents recommend this formula as one of the best breast milk substitutes for lactose intolerant babies. They are completely satisfied with the effect that she has on the child — there are no problems with the stool, there is no bloating, there is a normal weight gain. The mixture tastes good, babies eat it with pleasure. In the reviews, parents express only one complaint — they would like the mixture to be sold in large jars.


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