10 best baby strollers with non-inflatable wheels


Even before the birth of a child, parents plan to buy a stroller – comfortable and safe; Yes, and I want the little man to have all the best. This ranking presents 10 baby strollers with non-inflatable polyurethane wheels, popular among moms and dads.

strollers with cast wheels

The review presents the TOP-10 models with solid wheels. Polyurethane and polypropylene non-inflatable wheels are not afraid of glass fragments and sharp stones. Some of them are equipped only with a walking block: they are suitable for babies from the age of six months. Other options for strollers are universal, additionally equipped with cradles: they are also designed for newborns.


This model is suitable for both toddlers and three-year-olds. Such a stroller with a europolog in the kit will make the walk as comfortable as possible for the crumbs. The backrest can be lowered down to the “lying” position. It is smoothly adjustable, so it will not let the little passenger feel discomfort.


Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the handles of the model, it is convenient to roll it. The stroller folds like a book, so it can be easily placed, for example, under a sofa: it does not clutter up the space.

The wheels are cast, made of polyurethane – a hardy material that is not afraid of small fragments and sharp stones. Cushioning allows you to roll the model off-road without causing discomfort to the child. Thanks to the soft padded pads, the five-point straps responsible for safety do not press.

Note: GEOBY C409-R4LK fabric elements are impregnated with moisture and dirt repellent, so the stroller is unpretentious in care. To clean the fabric, you just need to wipe it with a sponge dipped in water.

4 advantages of the model:

  1. Equipped with a basket: parents can go shopping with the baby, putting feeding bottles and toys there.
  2. Together with the stroller, the owner receives a rain cover, as well as a mosquito net.
  3. The stroller is suitable for walks in the cold: it comes with a removable insulating cover.
  4. For additional comfort, the manufacturer has equipped the model with a retractable footrest. She easily “hides” when not needed.

Possible complaints:

  • fabric elements cannot be washed in an automatic machine: only by hand.
  • the walking seat “looks” only at the road: it cannot be rearranged.

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The model was made for newborns and older babies. The front non-inflatable wheels swivel, but also can be fixed, so the stroller is easy to steer. The five-point straps, which the “Italian” is equipped with, securely hold the child, but do not press: soft pads eliminate discomfort.

Note: The PEG-PEREGO PLIKO MINI CLASSICO folds like a walking stick to fit in the corner of a hallway.


6 nice features:

  1. Comfortable – the back of this model is adjustable in three positions, and the bed can be extended by pulling out the footboard.
  2. Super lightweight – weighs only 5.7 kg and can easily be carried up stairs.
  3. A deep hood protects from bright sunlight.
  4. It is possible to adjust the handle of the model according to height, and to fold the stroller, one movement of the hand is enough. In addition, the folded Pliko Mini is easy to carry: it has a special handle on the side.
  5. Easy to clean: the upholstery can be machine washed, the main thing is to choose a 40-degree delicate mode.
  6. The stroller is equipped with a luggage basket: both children’s things and purchases will fit in the basket – you can drop into the grocery store while walking with your baby.

Possible complaints:

  • the walking block is located only in the direction of travel: it will not work to rearrange it to face the parents;
  • no bumper.


This model combines lightness (it weighs 6.9 kg) and convenience: for both the small passenger and the driver. A walking option with a basket in which you can put 5 kg of things was created for six-month-old children. However, you can carry a child in a stroller for a long time – until he gains 17 kilos.


The manufacturer provided the handle of the stroller with a non-slip coating. Cast, located in front, the wheels turn, which provides good maneuverability. In addition, they were equipped with a locking function, which adds points to stability. The foot brake, which is located at the rear, is another plus for driving comfort.

5 main advantages:

  1. Thanks to the 49 cm chassis, this model will easily get into any elevator.
  2. It is also convenient to store it: when folded, the “book” stands by itself.
  3. The manufacturer put a special carrying bag with the stroller. This gives parents the opportunity to carry it in their arms and not get their clothes dirty.
  4. The backrest descends smoothly to a reclining position, and the footrest extends – all this helps to make the seat comfortable for sleeping.
  5. The manufacturer additionally equipped the stroller with a solid footboard: a child who already knows how to walk will be able to climb onto the seat on their own.

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This option is lightweight (weighs only 9.5 kg). In addition, the model will please with reliability: the frame is made of durable metal, and the tires are made of polyurethane. Thanks to the materials, the stroller is resistant to wear.

Note: the model will easily fit in any elevator, thanks to the optimal width (58 cm).

The stroller folds like a book, so it will not clutter up the space. And if you need to fit it into a very cramped space, then you just need to rid the model of the wheels (they are quick-release). Transporting BRITAX B-AGILE 4 PLUS is also convenient: when it is folded, it is fixed automatically, so it will not decompose accidentally during transportation.


Attractive features:

  • folds with one hand;
  • you don’t have to worry about safety: five-point straps hold tightly, while the child will not feel inconvenience, because they have soft lining;
  • the hood, which the manufacturer has provided with a compartment for small things, is smoothly adjustable;
  • the hood repels moisture and protects from the sun;
  • easy to slow down thanks to the foot and rear brakes;
  • the manufacturer equipped the model with a luggage basket: parents can take everything they need for a walk;
  • with an inclined back that can be lowered completely – to a lying position, the child will be able to sit comfortably and sleep like in a crib.
  • it is easy to put the child in the seat, because the handrail, designed for protection, is simply removed.

Possible complaints:

  • the block faces only the road;
  • rain cover not included.


This stroller belongs to the universal type, because it is suitable for newborn crumbs (there is a cradle included) and children under the age of three. The stroller is equipped with a protective bumper, as well as five-point seat belts that prevent the baby from slipping out of the seat.

Note: The stroller is easy to fold compactly like a book, so it does not take up much space.


8 advantages of a stroller:

  1. The walking block can be placed both facing the road and facing the parents: the baby will not get bored.
  2. At ABC DESIGN PRAMY LUXE, the backrest is adjustable in three positions: you can choose the most comfortable position for your baby.
  3. The footrest of the stroller is adjustable, so you can increase the bed.
  4. The hood is silently adjustable, there is a pocket for small things, and also a viewing window: it is convenient for parents to watch the baby.
  5. The stroller is unpretentious in care: the hood can be washed in an automatic machine, setting a gentle mode.
  6. The model is equipped with a capacious basket: during the walk you can go to the store for shopping. In addition, the kit comes with a bag where diapers, bottles, rattles can easily fit.
  7. Insects will not interfere with the baby – there is a mosquito net in the kit, so parents can take the baby with them to the beach, for a picnic.
  8. Parents do not have to worry that the rain will catch them with the baby during a walk: a rain cover is supplied with the stroller.

Possible complaints:

  • heavy – the stroller weighs 12 kg with a walking block and as many as 15 – with a cradle;
  • the front wheels do not turn, which reduces the driving comfort.

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The model has absorbed the best features of a stroller: comfort, maneuverability and safety. It is easy for mom to maneuver transport, and for a small passenger (it is suitable for six-month-old children and older) it is interesting to explore the world. As soon as the baby gets tired of the impressions, you can take a nap – the stroller has a reclining back position.

There is nothing stopping parents from enjoying the good weather and chatting with other moms – they don’t have to worry about the child’s safety at the moment. Soft straps will keep the explorer from slipping and crawling out.

Note: BABYHIT TETRA, which is folded into a book with one hand, does not need a separate storage room. Enough corner in the pantry or space under the coffee table.


What is good:

  • The back takes a lying position. In the kit – accessories in case of bad weather and troubles in the form of stubborn living creatures.
  • The glove compartment on a removable handle, which is removed on demand
  • Comfortable walks: a luggage basket will help you get your shopping home. You don’t have to wait at home to have a snack: cup holders for juice, compote and yogurt will help you to have a meal in the fresh air.


  • rain cover must be purchased separately.

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Sharp-resistant polyurethane solid wheels are an important, but not the only, feature of this stroller. It folds like a book, and therefore does not clutter up the space: it can easily be put under the sofa. In addition, it is equipped with a large hood with UV protection.

Note: The stroller is suitable for both newborns and four-year-olds. If you purchase special adapters, you can install a branded car seat on the chassis.



  • The brand has thought about the comfort of the younger generation by equipping the GB SILA 4 SEA PORT with an infinitely adjustable backrest.
  • Parents have not been forgotten either: driving a vehicle whose handle adapts to the height of the driver is easy and simple.
  • The large luggage basket holds up to five kilograms of things: you can not only take bottles and toys for the baby for a walk, but also go shopping.


This option is designed for children who are already six months old. The model is equipped with a shopping basket, in addition to it, the manufacturer put a bag.

The stroller has a durable frame made of chrome-plated aluminum. Four single wheels are cast, made of polypropylene – a combination of plastic and rubber. They are easy to remove from the stroller, so cleaning is more convenient.


Main advantages:

  • The X-LANDER X-CITE is agile and stable at the same time: the front wheels swivel to increase maneuverability in tight spaces, and these wheels can be fixed on bumps.
  • At the bottom of the frame is an LED lamp that acts as a reflector. If desired, you can turn it off or turn on the flicker mode. This will make walking in the evening safer.
  • The handrail, which serves as additional protection against slipping, is removed.
  • It is possible to tilt forward the removable hood, equipped with zippers, to add even more shade to the baby.
  • By removing the zipper from the hood and pulling out the fabric insert, parents can watch their baby through the mesh fabric.
  • It is possible to control the height of the handle with anti-slip coating: it is convenient to roll the stroller for people of different heights.


In this model, the manufacturer has thought of everything: the depreciation of all solid, non-inflatable wheels, and the fixation of the front wheels, and good maneuverability, which will help out in off-road conditions.

Note: you can not think about where to put the stroller – folded into a cane, it is unpretentious in terms of space occupied.

There is no need to worry about safety either: the child will remain in the stroller, no matter how much he wants to go for a walk on his own – this is the merit of soft but durable seat belts. BABYHIT HANDY is suitable for drivers of different heights: its handles are adjustable in height. Both the parent and the older brother-sister manage the stroller equally comfortably.


What attracts the stroller:

  • Complete comfort: by removing the protective rail, even a sleeping child can be put into the stroller. By the way, he can safely continue to rest – the backrest leans back into a supine position.
  • Rational use: the adjustable footrest is comfortable for both sleeping and walking.
  • Uncompromising reliability guaranteed by a padded crotch strap. You can safely communicate with other mothers – the child will not slip out of his passenger seat.
  • A vigilant maternal eye can always watch the child through the window sewn into the hood.
  • The stroller is not heavy (8.5 kg): it is easy to lift it.
  • A capacious luggage basket fits children’s things, adult attributes, and even purchases.

Possible complaints:

  • the seat is facing the road and it will not work to turn it to face the parents;
  • you will have to spend extra money on a raincoat and a mosquito net.

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Unlike many universal models with a seat unit and a cradle, the stroller folds like a book. Parents no longer think where to store transport – this is one of its main advantages.

Manufacturers have focused on safety. Starting from birth (the stroller is designed for newborns as well) and up to three years, it is protected by seat belts. They gently but firmly hold the fidget, without squeezing the delicate skin.


What is a stroller good for?

  • A variety of walks: the backrest takes 4 positions (including recumbent), and the footrest is height adjustable.
  • Thanks to the large hood in hot weather, the baby will be protected from direct sunlight and from overheating.
  • The telescopic handle of the stroller itself adapts to the height of the driver – whether it be a parent or a child older than what is inside.
  • The safety rail of ABC DESIGN LINGO 6 is removable: to put the child in the stroller, you just need to unfasten the bumper. The luggage basket is suitable not only for trifles, but also for groceries. Plus, it comes with a bag.
  • The stroller comes with an insect screen and a footmuff.

The disadvantages of the model are heavy weight for many mothers (more than 21 kg).

Each of the models with cast wheels presented in the TOP-10 is worthy of choice. If you need an option for a newly born little man, you should take a closer look at the Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Classico light cane. A good option for children from six months is GB Qbit. Manufacturers have equipped a comfortable and maneuverable stroller-book with a convenient footrest for independent kids. In addition, they put a bag for transportation.


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